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How well do you know Rihanna?


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Sabrina (37617)
20 days ago
joneil (72562)
120 days ago
Caribbean queen love you robyn
october (72562)
120 days ago
I'm just twelve and I know all of your song I'm like your biggest fan from guyana I love you rihanna you're the best
Tshidi (21775)
330 days ago
Rihanna u are exactly what i call talented u make the usa music powerful ceven though i don't belong there but u really play a big role in the music industry i have my book pens diary room every belonging i have ur name it's on it i really love u my friend always say beyonce is the best but hell naw i tell her u the best i like the song sledgehammer it's a definition of what i am u have a very extra beautiful talented voice I've liked u and only you with luv from SA i really wanna meet u guess what I'm 12yrs old
Harley Quinn (94959)
347 days ago
I really love you rihanna i have your album on my phone i listen to all of your songs every single day
tatayana (06483)
539 days ago
where do u stay im coming to your house u ar the best i like your songs
tatayana (06483)
547 days ago
i like you song needed me u are the best do u want to be my friend
Pauline (92958)
555 days ago
why is ri ri not choosing between her fans and drake because he has some real stuff going on
Pauline (92958)
555 days ago
rihanna doin all right in these quizzes my time is all eyes on her
Alyssa (29944)
563 days ago
Actually Rihanna whole name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty so none of that question was right
Kloey nipper (12811)
588 days ago
I have been your fan since I was 3
Rhiana David (52659)
752 days ago
Rihanna if you're reading this my name is also Rhiana. Riri, you're my idol and I want to be just like you when I grow up. Respond to me Riri!!!!!
Ari (39965)
767 days ago
Hey I am such a fan I love work you are the best