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Historians disagree on which song was the very first of the rock genre. But pretty much everybody agrees that rock 'n' roll is here to stay. Today's rock obviously sounds almost nothing like the genre's first popular songs. (Let's face it, "Rock Around The Clock" is downright tame compared to, say, anything by Pantera.)
Sadly, some people say rock is dying, that it's seen its best days. It's true that Mick Jagger isn't exactly a spring chicken (although he does have a young child by a mom decades younger, so everything still works. Ahem.) That said, we're betting Keith Richards, like the cockroaches, will survive us all. :)
If you're really into the genre...if you yearn for a time when you could catch legendary acts in meandering jams at local clubs instead of at mega-stadiums, this section is for you. We have well over 100 quizzes on rock, from Guess The Rock Band, to tests about lyrics, to discovering your inner rock star and more. For those about to rock these quizzes!

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Rock N' Roll quiz

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Classic Rock


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Rock N' Roll Questions

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