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As you probably already knew, there's more to love about Shawn Mendes than the chart-topper's off-the-charts hotness! Despite all his success, the Canuck music wonderkid/heartthrob is just a nice, humble guy.
By the tender ago of 19, he'd already met QE II and Sir Elton John. No biggie: "She's just a regular lady," he told a RollingStone reporter about the queen after playing for her 92nd birthday celebration. (He didn't actually get to meet her, just was around her backstage.) And Mendes called John's face-to-face props for his music and stardom "surreal."
Instead of downplaying comparisons to his predecessor (Justin Bieber, of course), Mendes revels in them. He calls Bieber his main inspiration, saying that comparing the two "is the biggest compliment you could give me." And far from complaining about the intrusiveness of social media in his life, Mendes admits he'd "have no career" without it.
It's been a long time since Vine, of course. Fortunately for fans, Shawn Mendes is bigger than ever. Well, not literally, despite the fact he readily admits to eating "tons of carbs." (Whaaat? It's certainly not damaging those abs!) So how much do you know about this humble hottie? Can't get enough? Then this section is for you! Dig into our Shawn Mendes quizzes right here!

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Guess the Shawn Mendes lyrics

Guess the Shawn Mendes lyrics

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The Ultimate Shawn Mendes Quiz (Mendes Army Only)

How well do you know Shawn Mendes?

How well do you know Shawn Mendes?

Shawn Mendes quiz

Shawn Mendes quiz

Shawn Mendes lyric quiz

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Sharvari Dhumal (13268)
47 days ago
I dunno why but I am obsessed with Shawn Mendes since beginning... He's really cute and handsome and even has a good voice...feelings..etc.
emi (73384)
69 days ago
hey would you ever write a song with harry styles? love u
Chole (92755)
96 days ago
Shawn i my name is chole but my frie ds calk me phobe
esther (89556)
104 days ago
Shwan Mendes. Can be my girlfriend
craftyb2004 (98216)
135 days ago
I'm just testing myself here lol ignore this
sa (84395)
221 days ago
shawn mendes you can songig
sa (84395)
221 days ago
shawn mendes i love you so much by sayuri