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Being a Sonic superfan, you almost certainly know Sonic was created to "beat" Super Mario. Did Sega achieve this with their upstart blue hedgehog? Well, a simple search doesn't provide a simple answer - articles naming each game better than the other are plentiful on Google.
Of course, you could just follow the money to get your answer. On that, the pudgy Italian plumber bears the bristly blue forager handily. Super Mario's $327.5 million, compared to $114.3 for Sonic (on Wiki's list of best-selling video game franchises), is a clear winner. But then, Sonic debuted years behind Mario, so....
So, it's really down to which game YOU like best, right? And YOU'RE here for the hedgehog! This is Sonic's quiz section, with more than 125 to choose from. Try them all - maybe between breaks from playing! Show us how well you know and love Sonic, and challenge your friends to do the same!

Find Sonic the Hedgehog

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