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We know better than to try to dazzle Star Trek fans with superior savvy when it comes to your all-time favorite show. We know that, as a group, you're some of the fiercest, most knowledgeable fans on the planet. It would be highly illogical of us to try to look like we're experts, like you. After all, we're doctors, not Trekkies! (Uh, sorry. Actually, we just do quizzes.)
No, all we can hope to do is to entice fans to check out our Star Trek quiz section. There are relatively few of them here - 24, to be exact. So if you'd like to impress your fellow Trekkies by adding your own unslayable quiz about the show, we'd totally welcome you to do that.
Also, if you'd like to challenge your friends who love the show to beat your scores, that'd be awesome, too. The idea is to make this a place for Star Trek fans to flock to and enjoy. Will you help us make it so? Thanks, and thanks for being here. Hope you like the quizzes - and of course, that you live long and prosper. (OK, we're done for now - beam us up, Scotty!)

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Star Trek: Voyager Aliens

Star Trek: Voyager Aliens

Are You a Trekkie?

Star Trek: TNG

Star Trek TNG

Are you a trekkie?

Star Trek Movie Quiz

Star Trek The Next Generation Quiz

Random Star Trek trivia

Random Star Trek trivia

Star Trek Universe Quiz!

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836 days ago
Question: Did any of the original crew, other than Bones, have Doctoral degrees in addition to their Star Fleet ranking?