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Dobre brothers

Dobre brothers quiz!

How Well Do You Know Darius Dobre?

Do you know the Dobre Twins?

Dobre Twins

Dobre Twins

Dobre brother test

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261 days ago
I love the Dobre brothers so much
307 days ago
I love the
dobre brothers so !uch
315 days ago
I think the boys win
315 days ago
dear Darius I love you so much you got high backflip you did good I am your biggest fan I feel real ready bad for Cyrus I know he fell in the beam
438 days ago
I love you Dobre Brothers
478 days ago
I love you Lucas and Marcus the dobre twins I've seen all of your guyses videos cuz my biggest people I watch on YouTube I also watch the dobre brothers when you do stuff with your brothers and Lucas I think you are the better twin they cuter hotter and stuff
487 days ago
I love u dobre twins your my biggest
492 days ago
I love the dobre twins
503 days ago