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Adolescence being what it is – a roller-coaster ride full of dizzying highs and agonizing lows, awesome dreams and awful realities (and let's face it, hormones - lots of hormones), only the strong (or crazy!) would want to be adolescents forever. Right?
Yet that's exactly what happened to the vampire Salvatore Brothers of The Vampire Diaries - eternal adolescence. You might not be able to relate, exactly, but you love to watch them struggle with it because, well, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are just so HOT!
OK, cool down there a minute, girl! The other characters are also awesome. The Vampire Diaries is just a great show we hated to see come to an end in 2017. Were you there on the CW every week, or are you a latecomer who's just getting into it on video? There are great quizzes in this section no matter your level of interest and adoration.

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Vampire Diaries Character Quiz

Vampire Diaries Character Quiz

How much do you know the Vampire diaries?

Vampire Diaries Test!

Are you a real Vampire Diaries fan?

Are you a real Vampire Diaries fan?

How well do you know Delena?

How well do you know Delena?

The Vampire Diaries - The Awakening

The Vampire Diaries

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221 days ago
i want to marry ian
233 days ago
I love TVD it is awesome and I love Damon Salvatore!!! I wish it hadnt ended. Delena/Nian forever!!
291 days ago
I LOVE vampire diaries.I love Damon
562 days ago
I love damon salvatore...i love movie tvd
571 days ago
I'm obsessed with vampire diaries
591 days ago
I love love love tvd i watchd or 3 tunes out
674 days ago
my friend loves vampire diaries and is like obsessed with it i find it very confusing?!?!??
690 days ago
Love vampire Diaries so much