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So, girls - your mom probably warned you about getting involved with older men. Guess Bella Swan's mom didn't get the memo. Mom might've regretted overlooking that teachable moment until after 17-year-old Bella ends up with a 108-year-old. Whoops!
But no worries. Edward's no ordinary geezer - he's a vampire, and he's got it covered. After he saved Bella from being run over in the school parking lot, there was no WAY Bella was going to just forget about him, anyway, Mom's advice or no. And Edward being Robert Pattinson, well. *Sighs*
Yep, Twilight was unforgettable - not that we'd ever want you to forget this awesome book (movie) series. In fact, we're asking you to remember as much as you can, because this section has well over 450 Twilight quizzes! THAT should keep you superfans busy for the rest of the year - maybe even the rest of your lives. :) Have fun!

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Edward vs. Jacob over Bella

Edward vs. Jacob over Bella

Twilight quiz

"Twilight" Quiz, did you pay attention?

How well do you know Bella?

Twilight to the Extreme?

How well do you know the Twilight Saga?

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54 days ago
I love the twilight series, and the divergent series. London.... we need to be friends
77 days ago
Bella you are so lucky!!!
116 days ago
Love twilight for life
166 days ago
The CD given by Edward to Bella on her birthday was not just from him .Alice helped him to compose those lullabies so the gift was from Alice too .........and also Jacob's and Edward 's relationship really get well in Breaking Dawn ( fourth book)
180 days ago
I sooo want a vampire boyfriend like Bella she is sooooo lucky
180 days ago
I love twilight soooooo much I read the third book like....... 10 times all ready I'm on team Edward because Edward is really protective over Bella and when she wants to go down to la push to see Jacob he is like NO. I'm also on team Jacob because one jake is a werewolf and he is so cute and he also doesn't want Bella to get hurt like what Edward does so why don't Jacob and Edward become friends. And I agree with you when Alice gave Bella her gift and she got a paper cut they never showed what Alice gave her I'm still wondering what she gave her
238 days ago
241 days ago
Twilight is my second favorite vampire themed book series!
257 days ago
If anyone know the answer of my question so please reply...
In New Moon,Alice was very eager to gave Bella her birthday present and the gift from which Bella got the paper cut was also Alice's, but the book never mention WHAT ALICE GAVE BELLA ON HER BIRTHDAY.......?
257 days ago
TWILIGHT is the best book ever written by anyone .I am really in love with the book and EDWARD too.....😍 I too dream to become a vampire 👿I love the book sooooooooooo much....😙TWILIGHT FOREVER
267 days ago
Im 11 and Twilight has changed my life. Twilight is the best thing that has ever happened in history (apart from when slavery was abolished)I juss can't believe there won't be another one!!!! I also imagine myself running in slow motion (like they do in part 2 at the beginning) and seeing everything.I also like the Noughts and Crosses collection which is definitely not appropriate but my teacher recommended it.
337 days ago
i LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH IT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME comment if you like divergent trilogy also
357 days ago
357 days ago
Twilight has captured my heart now and forever. I am also 11 and I dream about becoming a vampire. also feel like someone watches me in my sleep
466 days ago
I love twilight. I'm 11 and it's my fav movie now and always will be.🐱😍👍😝💙😱😘
878 days ago
it is beautiful,excellent,good.i love it very much