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20 days ago
My fav is fire paw and I ship lionheart and bluestar
95 days ago
I meant my name as Gingerfur
95 days ago
I wish they made one that has to do with Cinderpelt
116 days ago
i like this site
122 days ago
Leafpool X Crowfeather
126 days ago
Ikd,cuz no one likes me:(
127 days ago
Why do you like being lonely jayfeather
127 days ago
I am a weirdo. Isn’t every body? Also I like making warrior names and I am the best reader in my family. Also I have up to the 4th series of warriors bye bye peoples
128 days ago
#im lonely for life(yay!!!!)
128 days ago
Oh,wait,i have no Friends.
128 days ago
I try and get my friends to read Warrior cats,but they read ONE book then read no more!
128 days ago
Who else flipping LOVES Alderheart MORE than Firestar?
And also who else HATES Shadow clan MORE than Syclan?
I might just be the olny one:(
128 days ago
"Hey Alderheart!"Alderheart:"Y-yes J-jayfeather?"Jayfeather:"leafpool is old and is going to die."Alderheart:W-what n-no.Jayfeather:Yep,Starclan just gave me an omen about her death."Alderheart:*whimpers*........Why me?Leafpool walks in.leafpool:"yo!Whaz up my peeps?!"Alderheart:"oh good she's alive."Leafpool:"nope im dead."Jayfeather:"YES!!!!!FINALLY YOU WERE SO OLD."Leafpool:"Curse you jayfeather."Alderheart hides in the corner.Alderheart:"i think im just gonna stay here."Jayfeather and leafpool looks at him.Both:ok.Two years later.Alderheart died.Jayfeather died.All(leafpool jayfeather and Alderheart)"yay! Were're all dead!!!!The endXD
138 days ago
Also, my close friend who is a boy (some would call him my boyfriend but this is not true) LOVES Hollyleaf . I like her but she isn’t my favourite. I LOOOOOOOVVVEEEEVVVEVEVEVVEVVE TIGERSTAR 😏
138 days ago
Yes they are making (made ) vision of a shadows, and there is even the broken code books 1 & 2. But I really wish it was a shorted collection of books as I don’t like how none of the original cats remain. And how will the ultimate end end ? It’s all confusing and now a little borning.
145 days ago
Me too. I’m pretty sure they are making Vision of Shadows tho :)
146 days ago
Warriors is an amazing series hopefully they will make more
149 days ago
Hoi. Anyone here luv holly leaf?
155 days ago
i am new i want to make a oc any recommendations for makers
183 days ago
Dovewing really You must love ivypool...