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How well do you know the musical, "Wicked"

Broadway's Wicked: Elphaba

How well do you know Wicked the musical


Wicked's Leading Ladies


How well do you know WICKED?

Wicked: Questions from the book and musical

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815 days ago
Question 11 for how well do you know the musical "Wicked" is wrong, her name is not changed from Glinda to Galinda, but from Galinda to Glinda.
859 days ago
You are wrong on the two answers you claim I missed. The last event to happened before "Derying Gravity" is that Glinda and Elphaba had a fight. They fight as soon as they get to the attic with Glinda saying Elphaba has hurt her cause forever and Elphaba saying Glinda is motivated by her selfish ambition. That happened after Elphaba turned down the wizard. Also, Stephanie Block played Elphaba before Idina Menzel. The musical started in San Francisco before it went to New York and Block played the character in San Francisco.