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Comments (143)


Maddie (07227)
3 hours ago
why don't they have albertsstuff flamingo
A roblox gurl (21402)
6 days ago
I like most of these YouTubers,but now iā€™m Like into animation šŸ˜
Freya Paige Webb (80473)
7 days ago
Love the Dobre brothers
linh (80073)
9 days ago
can you make GamingWithJen quiz
luarie (19365)
9 days ago
can you do sofie dosi please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samia Hamid Hia. (64997)
13 days ago
My most Favorite youtuber is Cookie Swirl C. Cookie I Love you FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.šŸŖ
Love you Cookie.
Ruby (28760)
13 days ago
my favourite utuber is Laurdiy, wassabi productions and that youtube famly by the way it is my birthday turning 9 in rarotonga (:
Scarlett :) (60333)
13 days ago
hayden summerall pls
Lainee Urquhart (38059)
13 days ago
My fav YouTuber is that YouTube family
@ItsFunneh (36019)
14 days ago
Ive seen me on there!!!
best youtuber (17942)
21 days ago
best youtuber (17942)
21 days ago
Famous_💗 (73524)
24 days ago
best youtubers ever
ihascupquake itsjojosiwa
31228 (19365)
24 days ago
Can you please do sofie dosi thank you
Omg (16373)
27 days ago
Omg this was made in 2015šŸ§šŸ¤ÆšŸ˜³
Lalla (13094)
29 days ago
She da best!!!
youtuber (80288)
35 days ago
no online dating ok or else nothing online date how much you do
youtuber (80288)
35 days ago
sup peps how is every one doing im doing fine im a gamer
Endy (77207)
36 days ago
Can you do Zander Mlg Edgar?
PLZ? Hes my FreindI will vote good on all tests
Please do sofie dosie (19365)
37 days ago
Please do sofie dosie