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Before YouTube came on the scene, fandom was mostly limited to superstars - athletes, singers, musicians, actors - and to a lesser degree, TV hosts, journalists and a few activists and scientists.
We say, BOR-ing! Now, YouTube makes it possible to be a fan of some truly unique and interesting - and unlikely - quasi-celebrities. Like the incomparable ItsFunneh...the bizarre Jack Septiceye...the precocious and talented JoJo Siwa and Annie LeBlanc and more...all YouTubers who might never have become famous but for the reach and popularity of social media.
Whoever you're a fan of on YouTube, there's a quiz or quizzes you can take in this section to test how super of a fan you truly are. If you're like us, you probably have way more than one. So you'd better get started!

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Comments (219)


117 days ago
I love YouTube and I watch it 247.
118 days ago
Does anyone see The Rich Life
120 days ago
Does anyone see TheOrionSound?
127 days ago
Hi guys it’s funneh here with the krew
127 days ago
I love it’s funneh to but this is such a cowinidend me and funneh have the same name.
132 days ago
i love itsfunneh
133 days ago
And zackaryzaxor, Poke, realrlsesarered, Ashelytheunicorn, keisyo and ummm deindaily friends too!
133 days ago
You should add bro VS sis to!
133 days ago
I LOVE inquisitormaster but where is it I think I know everything about her :D hmmmm mmmhmmm maybe not really I have been watching cookieswirlc since I was 3 and i’m 8 now and I still watch her vids I maybe know more about her than inquisitormaster
141 days ago
I couldn't see Oli either brightheart
143 days ago
There’s nothing about Amelia gething nothing
148 days ago
My favourite one is ITS JOJO SIWA!!!!!!
148 days ago
What about karina omg ronald omg sis vs bro and freddy
153 days ago
153 days ago
157 days ago
hi jake i got your mearch at btw my name is jensen arthor edward timberlake woltmann giv me a shout out plz
157 days ago
logan lets do prank wars again
i will win $1000 ok bro
157 days ago
get your mearch at
159 days ago
Ugh! Did any of you find the name TheOrionSound? I can't!!
159 days ago