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Before YouTube came on the scene, fandom was mostly limited to superstars - athletes, singers, musicians, actors - and to a lesser degree, TV hosts, journalists and a few activists and scientists.
We say, BOR-ing! Now, YouTube makes it possible to be a fan of some truly unique and interesting - and unlikely - quasi-celebrities. Like the incomparable ItsFunneh...the bizarre Jack Septiceye...the precocious and talented JoJo Siwa and Annie LeBlanc and more...all YouTubers who might never have become famous but for the reach and popularity of social media.
Whoever you're a fan of on YouTube, there's a quiz or quizzes you can take in this section to test how super of a fan you truly are. If you're like us, you probably have way more than one. So you'd better get started!

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296 days ago
Is that actually you Azzy😀
296 days ago
297 days ago
I like that so well in so much
And it's like so cool and I like that !!!
301 days ago
I love these quis's and so a quis how well do you know mosscraft plz and go yo on youtude chrstinwinteehamer09
309 days ago
hello guys will you mesage back plz im the youtuber itzzzz me JAYDENGAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
310 days ago
im really excited for this quiz but lets do it anyways
315 days ago
ItsfunnehI love green my fav colour
319 days ago
i think im going to like this.
325 days ago
Collins Key and Devan Key
325 days ago
were is vanomeloin i lke her vids
336 days ago
Here is a list of youtubers I like to watch: The Gaming Bros (they are number 1 and and they also played in Odd Squad) Batdad (some of the things he let's his children do and say ARE NOT funny what so ever) JoJo Siwa, Troom Troom, Thomas Sanders Vines, REACT, and WWYD and SOOOOOO MANY MORE. Tell me how many of these youtubers u know and tell me youtubers you like!!!!
339 days ago
Hi I like Jake Paul
339 days ago
342 days ago
Funneh is sooo awesome!!!!;)
345 days ago
hey check out my youtube its carter horvath
347 days ago
hello guys nice to meet you
350 days ago
353 days ago
We're is yammy and laurenzside
357 days ago
We need Brandon Rogers
359 days ago
Hi we is llsuperwomanll not on here😭😭😭😭😭LILLLYYYY