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Before YouTube came on the scene, fandom was mostly limited to superstars - athletes, singers, musicians, actors - and to a lesser degree, TV hosts, journalists and a few activists and scientists.
We say, BOR-ing! Now, YouTube makes it possible to be a fan of some truly unique and interesting - and unlikely - quasi-celebrities. Like the incomparable ItsFunneh...the bizarre Jack Septiceye...the precocious and talented JoJo Siwa and Annie LeBlanc and more...all YouTubers who might never have become famous but for the reach and popularity of social media.
Whoever you're a fan of on YouTube, there's a quiz or quizzes you can take in this section to test how super of a fan you truly are. If you're like us, you probably have way more than one. So you'd better get started!

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360 days ago
Why don't you have the pals
360 days ago
were is Leafy??
361 days ago
374 days ago
i made a quiz in this webside
376 days ago
i love quizes i have a channel on youtube i always spend time on youtube
376 days ago
ha..ha..ha..ha so funny ha..ha
376 days ago
Are you really moosecraft
381 days ago
The Faze members plz like
Faze Rug
383 days ago
and collins key and devan key
383 days ago
Why dont they have me and the proper dummies,lucas and marcus
385 days ago
dobre or logan is my fav
393 days ago
OMG add all-a and Claire.s
399 days ago
why don't they have funnel vision and i like dobre bros or lucas and marcus
400 days ago
why don't they have albertsstuff flamingo
406 days ago
I like most of these YouTubers,but now i’m Like into animation 😐
407 days ago
Love the Dobre brothers
409 days ago
can you make GamingWithJen quiz
409 days ago
can you do sofie dosi please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
413 days ago
My most Favorite youtuber is Cookie Swirl C. Cookie I Love you FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.🍪
Love you Cookie.
413 days ago
my favourite utuber is Laurdiy, wassabi productions and that youtube famly by the way it is my birthday turning 9 in rarotonga (: