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These days, everyone wants to know, "What's your superpower?" That might have grown out of the concept of henshin, the ability to become something or someone else, that's a major theme of Yu-Gi-Oh! Whatever the case is, no matter how good life can be, we've all wanted to take a break from being us at one time or another, right?
When creator Kazuki Takahashi was thinking through Yu-Gi-Oh!, he didn't expect the wildly popular trading card game to become what most kids would know and love about his franchise. For him, it was a throwaway that was only supposed to make two appearances. He also had planned Yu-Gi-Oh! to be a horror manga, not one about games.
But that's life - it almost never goes according to plan, right? And we're glad Yu-Gi-Oh! turned out the way it did, and that we have had Yugi Mutou to show us we all have hidden potential, some really great things inside us. And that we should always believe in ourselves, and in our friends. Welcome to our Yu-Gi-Oh! section - we hope you enjoy these quizzes!

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