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What kind of tests can I develop?

In principle, the only limit is your fantasy. But as it is mentioned in our regulations, the following illegal tests are not allowed: pornografic, contravening human dignity, crackz or warez, violence propaganding, etc. We check all tests and delete those, which do not meet these regulations, without advance warning.

Is test developing really for free?

Yes, the tests are financed by incorporated advertising and therefore you get them for free! Do you want a test without advertising - send us an e-mail:

Why doesn't the test appear on at once?

We check every test, whether it is not illegal. Only in this way we can protect our system from misuse.

How long does it take before the test appears on

We try to work off the test as soon as possible. Normally it takes 3 - 7 days for your test to appear on It can take a little longer in holiday period. Check if your test has already been included in the directory and in which category.

Why cannot my test be registered in the catalogue?

Only about 10% of developed tests can earn a place in the catalogue. The majority of tests simply have too many spelling mistakes. Please, make your test in Word first (and check the spelling) and then transfer your test by use of Copy and Paste to!

Is it still possible to make changes in my test afterwards?

Yes, just login into your test. The login information you got via email.

How can I find out the scores the surfers got for my quiz?

We delevoped a tool for it. Show me the quiz statistic

I have suggestions for improvement. Where can I address myself to?

Simply write to

I have another question. Where can I address myself to?

Simply write to

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