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Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone

How Addicted to Facebook Quizzes Are You?

Are you addicted to video games?

Internet Addiction

Testaholic Quiz

Chapstick Addiction Quiz

Comments (7)


Psycho_Unicorn19 (16067)
38 days ago
I'm addicted to drawing. In class is my worst time I get into trouble all the time.
Alexa (48645)
57 days ago
I think i am addicted to SLIME!!!!! (13693)
77 days ago
i didn't even take any of these quizzes mate
Dilyn (52286)
96 days ago
that one creepy fan (23242)
145 days ago
well if your like me you will look at online comments and laugh at the meme lords and roasters. GOLD. PURE GOLD
AJ (88290)
307 days ago
Please learn how to speak and write English and THEN embarrass yourself online.
Jasmine (41232)
316 days ago
hi this message must be 19 charcters long so that is why i am typing this hope this was very helpful dont worry i kniow it was a life saver message.