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"Reeenh! Reeenh! Reeenh! Reeenh!" (Or however you spell the creepy music from that infamous movie shower stabbing scene.) That's the sound that automatically jumps to mind for us when we hear the word "psycho." The word gets thrown around quite a bit to describe people - and not usually as a compliment.
The literal definition of "psycho," according to, is "a slang term for someone who is mentally unstable or afflicted with a psychosis." In other words, your best friend risks looking like a psycho if she keeps stalking her ex-boyfriend months after their breakup. Among many other offerings, the Greeks gave us the word psykho, which means, simply, "mental."
So you get it, already. But if you've been called a psycho one - or many - times, you might wonder if you really ARE one. (Hey, if it makes you feel any better, a true psycho probably wouldn't care either way.) Anyhoo, here's a section of tests designed to answer the question, "Am I A Psycho?" Might as well find out the truth now! Good luck! (And please, don't kill us if you are one.)

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Will I Become a Serial Killer?

Will I Become a Serial Killer?

Are you psychopath?

Are you psychopath?

How much of a serial killer are you?

Are You a Psychopathic Serialkiller Stooge?

Are you a psychic?

Are You A Psychotic Killer?

Are You A Real Psychopath?

Are You A Real Psychopath?

Are You Psychic?

Are you NORMAL or just plain CUCKOO!

Not a Real Psycho Test

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61 days ago
yo boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
88 days ago
Ajgamdatgfuc???tagamagajdmjagjdamdajgadm gjmat5??????gam2mgmwptjd.tgmjpadmwpt6mwa 5d25?
131 days ago
I am psycho🤡 i am always Single,
153 days ago
I’m a psychopath but only because I would show them how it feels to be dead when they kill bugs because even thanos said a soul for a soul
156 days ago
I'm not a psycopath boi
187 days ago
How do you get your score
187 days ago
Hi I don't know what to say

This is a weird test why would we want to know if we're one???
200 days ago
225 days ago
IM going to kill you
239 days ago
306 days ago
it says I'm serial killer.... idc
402 days ago
Heyyy I’m psycho more than you🤪🤪🤪
415 days ago
Is it bad that I burst into laughter as soon as my score came up... Sorry y all I'm a serial killer now.. Lmfao.. 🤣🤫🔪Jk
418 days ago
why just y
465 days ago
yeah dont make this a scene but im a cerial killer nj
548 days ago
Says im a serial killer lol
567 days ago
i like turtles
605 days ago
738 days ago
Really fun