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Anyone who's ever exclaimed (loudly, to no one in particular) "I'm bored!" has officially found their section. Here we have quizzes for the truly, deeply, madly bored. And apparently, they're a hit: One of these quizzes has actually been taken almost 300,000 times!
It's always good to have choices, especially when you're bored. Here are yours: You COULD watch paint dry. You COULD watch grass grow. You COULD watch your own hair turn prematurely gray from the total stress of extremely deep boredom. OR – you could dig into our fun quizzes right here! Lots better, right?
Look, we get it. Taking a quiz about being bored isn't going to cure boredom – not for long, anyway. But by the time you take a few (or all) of these babies, something more fun surely will have come up. It'll be time for your fave show...your bff will be finished with his or her chores and you can get the idea. So dig in, and thanks for hanging with us until the phrase, "I'm bored" is no longer on your lips.

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I am booored.

Are You Bored? This Quiz Will Tell You How Bored You Really Are.

Bored or Not?

Are you able to sanely and humanly cope with your boredom?

The Boredom Quiz

How bored are you?

How bored are you?

Bored quiz

Are you bored?

Are you bored?

How bored am I?

For all the bored people.

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Comments (58)


Arianna (84969)
4 days ago
I'm am bored
horn with an y (50624)
8 days ago
i have so much to do and i dont want to do it and it is early into the night and im tired
Cviiilyn (11519)
13 days ago
Why am I so bored, Like I have a phone, computer and a cat to play around with yet I don't want to someone please tell me what to do, Thanks Sisters
larissa brown (57922)
13 days ago
im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bord
Victoria Williford (70698)
13 days ago
Yeah Anonymous where is the guiz.
Anonyuomus (38540)
14 days ago
Where are the questions...i thought it was a quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
charlotte (55168)
32 days ago
i am bored i need somthing to do and this is what i am doing because i am BORED!!! #soboringicantfindanythingtodo!
CAMIYL (99477)
33 days ago
so where r the questions?
jeff (28126)
35 days ago
the best is For all the bored people
Rjv (18334)
45 days ago
Hey ferb i know what were gonna do today
Alora (97597)
51 days ago
I loved all the tests
Toobored2 (74711)
54 days ago
Like toobored, i am too bored
Sugar spice and all things nice (72066)
55 days ago
Eww stop depressing us 😂
Nobody (24755)
58 days ago
I have no soul. I wear black. I am depressed. I cut. I love nothing. I help nobody. I want pigs to feast on my dead body in hell
hi (58793)
58 days ago
i play fortnite.... hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
jessica (29439)
62 days ago
I'm in a hospital with my my mom she not doing good she very sick
Toobored (58208)
63 days ago
Is any body out there right now to make me laugh? I am so bored.
Toobored (58208)
63 days ago
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too boring
%uD83D%uDC16 pig (38863)
78 days ago
🐖 pig (38863)
78 days ago
I love animals and hate cheese my fave colour is baby blue mostly because I live in London an the sky is never blue
I'm originally from Texas but moved to Britain 🇬🇧 because idk 😐
I hate cheese 🧀 because well I can't eat a lot of it only two bites of it
I'm really bored right now because I'm in my cottage but I beg you
ops I mean ROAST MEEE