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Modern-day human beings can be pretty complacent, what with all the comforts and conveniences readily available to us. Fortunately, most of us have never had our survival seriously threatened. Lol...just being without a mobile phone, TV, or hot water for a week would probably throw the average person for a loop!
Yep, most of us only have our survival threatened in video games. But what if something really drastic were to happen, and you were suddenly thrust into an environment/situation where you didn't have normal options? What if you ended up in a place or time where you couldn't just pick up your phone and order a pizza, and had to subsist on coconuts (or bugs!)?
Maybe you've thought about this before, or maybe it's a cool new question to ponder. Whichever is the case, our "Will You Survive?" section will let you find out what you're really made of! Could you survive prison life...the Silurian enemy/vampire invasion...a night with a werewolf...the zombie apocalypse? We have quizzes that will help you find out! Take some now!

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Will you survive an enemy invasion?

Darkness Rising

Will You Survive The Chicken War?

Werewolf Survival

Would you survive a vampire invasion?

Would you survive a vampire invasion?

How would you do in the FAYZ?



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164 days ago
Chai and Kaylyn have the same number
528 days ago
The top one by "Potato!" is really really good!
552 days ago
The one on the very top "will you survive" is really good!
696 days ago
Why take a test on tablet do it in real life?
821 days ago
Why no a zombie opocolopse