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Most of us know this situation well: It's the weekend and you have free time, but are at a loss for how to spend it. You don't feel like reading, watching TV or going out, and you don't have any plans with family or friends. You want to do SOMETHING, but what?
No worries! has you covered with our Fun Tests category. Instead of giving in to boredom and indecision, take a little time to relax and smile (because you KNOW that relaxing and smiling prolong your life significantly!)
Now, we admit some of these quizzes might seem completely random...and hopefully, some will make you laugh (especially after reading the results!). Others will have such intriguing titles, you just can't scroll past without trying them! has all you need to have a little fun on any leisurely weekend (or anytime, really). Why not start with this one?

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7 days ago
"I took the bored one and it didn't help xD"
8 days ago
Im bored too! how's life?
12 days ago
Im bored
19 days ago
you play pubg? Lookatisdude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 days ago
I want to play games i play pubg and minercraft and krunker and pixel gun 3d
24 days ago
hello I'm a wirdo
38 days ago
what those a cow says, when his going to school
59 days ago
I took these and thought they were pretty cool
97 days ago
Yeet or get yeeted
111 days ago
what has 8 legs
113 days ago
😭😩😡😤👺why is this not working.
113 days ago
Because of the lack of services supplied on this site as stated below, I feel sorry for the quiz writers who work for them. Both quizzes were very good and obviously written by people who knew their topics well. I would like to take more of them, but not if I am not even going to be told which questions I got wrong or given information on what the correct answer should be and why. Perhaps, the quiz writers would be better off working with another site.
Other sites supply much better customer service and satisfaction for their clients Sorry
113 days ago
I took two quizzes here and all it told me was my score. It didn't even tell me which questions I missed, or what the correct answers should have been. I take quizzes for fun, but also to learn. With no info on what I missed and no information on what the answer should have been and why, I didn't learn a thing. I should have at least been told which ones I got wrong! Therefore I am putting this site on a list of the ones I don't want to waste time on in the future.
123 days ago
yer yeet whats up my dudes i luv this site
147 days ago
I like the quick response from my house and not just point out that I have emigrated from the beginning of the day I have after
183 days ago
Wow many of them ... the testsWow many of them ... the testsWow many of them ... the tests
199 days ago
Wanna do a good deed....???? 😍😎😜😛💩👑🐺
well help me out!
1. go to the app store
2. type in hotel hideaway
3. Install
4. go into app
5. get through the beginning intro
6. go to the beach on the app
7 hit the blue icon with three people on it
8. type in QueenAbby
9. give me cookies
10. your done now just enjoy the app :)
212 days ago
Hey, if you guys are bored and want something to do, go read PurityAngel77’s stories on the fan fiction page, she has amazing stories and you guys should definitely read them! I promise you will love them!
240 days ago
Britney Nicole Thomas, Cindy chambers, Glenn chambers
260 days ago
All this is truth? Iresults i seemed in these quizzes especially future quize is truth??? Tell me please