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Most of us know this situation well: It's the weekend and you have free time, but are at a loss for how to spend it. You don't feel like reading, watching TV or going out, and you don't have any plans with family or friends. You want to do SOMETHING, but what?
No worries! has you covered with our Fun Tests category. Instead of giving in to boredom and indecision, take a little time to relax and smile (because you KNOW that relaxing and smiling prolong your life significantly!)
Now, we admit some of these quizzes might seem completely random...and hopefully, some will make you laugh (especially after reading the results!). Others will have such intriguing titles, you just can't scroll past without trying them! has all you need to have a little fun on any leisurely weekend (or anytime, really). Why not start with this one?

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Mia (92512)
4 days ago
Aye wassup guys! I luuuvvvv this category but I am way more active on the love and realationship category! If ya need advice, go look there! I’ll respond quick within a Day! Don’t worry lol - btw I’m 5 1 and 90 pounds! I fell like I’m too thin, and people say I’m am but not necessarily in a bad way..... also my doc said that the avg weight for much age is 100 pounds? WHAT ShALL I hINK lol 😏😂😂😂😝👍
Sifou (39484)
12 days ago
I am a limitied edition ppl lucky we only live once 😎
dj (72717)
33 days ago
freddies's girl im 5'7/5'8 and 140, but Im just as ripped as hell, you probally are too
Morlyn07 (51095)
33 days ago
=) So many tests! I took 13 of them! This website is awesome!
Freddie's girl 5185 (51600)
36 days ago
I need to lose weight and get thinner.I'm 5ft 7in and 130 pounds.I think I'm fat,my mom and younger cousins say I need to eat more,they say im to thin.but other people call me fat,I'm tired of being made fun of.I pretend it doesn't bother me but it does.I'm insecure about my appearance and I have social anxiety.please tell me what to do.
Meg E. Hovda (05222)
50 days ago
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Maria karen (12969)
61 days ago
This is the best slomw test i got a 7 out of a 10 I'm proud of my self and I want to do more quizzes like this one about slime 😃
ITS FUNNEH (48843)
62 days ago

riyas (56734)
82 days ago
I love you sda school Helen please sexy mode
massraja (56734)
82 days ago
Love it I found out im a monkey ohh ohh ash @aaaaaa@
👌 (44610)
96 days ago
why am i here again?
PatrickStumpsFedora (10464)
98 days ago
Well thenwell then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jenny (85626)
99 days ago
I want to know what my boyfriend think about me? And he is serious of our relationship?
Jordan (39683)
113 days ago
BECCA (83281)
117 days ago
I LOVE THE FUN TEST,......... i found out i might be a lesbain
Elisha (31279)
118 days ago
I don't know y I took these test but they are awesome so thanks all
Keyshia (91675)
124 days ago
i love the fun tests they are so fun
annonymous (24125)
127 days ago
Listen to BTS,
Freddie's girl 5185 (66540)
140 days ago
I'm going to be a drummer someday.I will prove the people who don't believe in dreams wrong!by the way,if you bully,pick on,or are just mean to someone and I see it happen, you are going to face me you loosers!maybe people don't like me because I come on a bit strong, but I'm not here to fit your I the only one who can be myself without caring of what other people think?for God's sake I wear boys clothes and climb trees!
Jenny (13229)
147 days ago
Hey guys . This website is good not that try once it’s awesome yupiiieee good luck friends