Are You Smart?
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Are You Smart?

Question 1:If you had 3 quarters a dime and a ?? How much money do u have?
How should i know? I've never heard of a ??
What's money?
Wow! I won a million dollars!!!

Question 2:Two ducks in front of a duck, Two ducks behind a duck, One duck in the middle. How many duckss are there? (not 5)
Yum. I had a duck for dinner. It tasted good
I do not know

Question 3:You are taking up a test and are stuck on a question, the smartest kid in school is sitting beside you and is on a roll. you:
Pretend to be sick
Try to think of how that book you're reading ends
Guess an answer

Question 4:How many numbers are in the alphabet?
I...I...oh my show's on. I can't answer now
There are one million numbers in the alphabet.
There are no numbers in the alphabet!!!
I don't know. How does it go?

Question 5:What is 1+1? (Look i know it sounds hard but the smart kid isn't here so guess)
I know it! i know it! Opps. i forgot. Darn
It's a hundred
Ohhh. Look at the spots

Question 6:What is a cat?
Ahhh! It's a cat
People keep those now right?
I had a cat once. It died. Why are you loooking at me like that? It was the toaster not me!
A cat is a furry mamal with 4 legs and (sometimes) a long tail.

Question 7:If it takes 3 minutes to boil one egg. how many miinutes does it take to boil 4? (not 12)
Yum. Scrambled eggs.
a hundred?

Question 8:Do you get good marks in school?
What marks? I dropped out a year ago!
I get passable marks. But they're not really good marks

Question 9:How many years are in the 100years war?
I have snowball wars at school

Question 10:If there are 3 dogs that don't get along and two leashes, how do you plan to walk them?
Don't walk them
I do not know
Let one run away. It's too much money to keep 3 doge anyway

Question 11:How many birds are at your window now?
Whatever. You can't know how many birds there are. There is no way that you can mark it correct or incorrect!:@
What are birds?

Question 12:You found this test:
I probably got half right
Easy as pie

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