Are You An Alien?

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Do you think you might be from another planet? Does your skin turn magenta when you get close to cats? If so, you might be an alien! Take the quiz to find out more!

  • 1
    Have you always thought that you were "different" but didn't know why?
  • 2
    When you lie awake in bed at night do you feel a certain "calling"?
  • 3
    Do you sometimes think that humans are really ugly?

  • 4
    Do you yourself have anything strange about yourself physically?
  • 5
    Are you really into sci-fi?
  • 6
    How does your intelligence rank against others?

  • 7
    Do you draw alien-looking images not knowing how you thought of them or where they came from?
  • 8
    How outgoing are you?
  • 9
    Do you put random objects in your mouth for no clear reason?
  • 10
    Do you see things flying across the sky?

  • 11
    Do you think you're an alien?

Comments (39)


129 days ago
I am a Hooman bean no concerns. XD
131 days ago
Of course I am an alien. I am here to claim this planet on behalf of my species. Humans, please peacefully surrender this planet.
292 days ago
These “aliens” you people talk about do not live at Area 51. You have no idea what you are talking about. They are not green. They do not come from Mars, I don’t know where you got that idea. Why do you people think this way. Yes, I do know that some of you know their true color. These “Aliens” are, well, us.There is no “they” you should refer to them as us. We are us. We are them. They will not harm us, or I should say, WE will not harm us.
457 days ago
477 days ago
Me: *talking about something*
*3 seconds later*
Me: and then there wa ha nay gaaaaa... I mean there was a cat...heheh ._.
529 days ago
*speaks in martian jibber-jabber* I claim planet X in the name of mars!
544 days ago
I'm an Alien. And I live on mars
709 days ago
If I am an alien I must have been a pretty 🍦 one for my family and government to wipe my memory, morph my body into an ugly🍦baby, and send me to this disorganized and chaotic planet.
793 days ago
How can it be so wrong obviously I am because I am from planet Ubhekaas. At least I am fluent in English but I am trying ancient Greek as well.
831 days ago
73%. All your base are belong to me. Can someone give me a ride home? My battle cruiser is in the shop atm.
872 days ago
872 days ago
905 days ago
HR4796Aohms law and the law if relativity divides creating a gap.
HELLO garp. The world according to garp.
955 days ago
Im an alien and so is my bff! I am a Grey and I live on Mars!
957 days ago
Everyone I've ever met says I'm an alien or they think I am one. I'd have to say, I agree and I am probably one. If the government wants to interview me or anything I am actually open to it.
962 days ago
I am a alien
I just don't want to te!l
972 days ago
I got Alien but I think I'm just weird.
1064 days ago
I am Elbert Einstein and Aliens are real
1098 days ago
Anyone thought of this while doing the innocence quiz?
1175 days ago
This just goes to show you how un-evolved the human race is.... sad