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Am I Depressed Or Just Sad?

Am I Depressed Or Just Sad?

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Am I Depressed Or Just Miserable?

Am I Depressed Or Just Miserable?

Are you depressed?

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27 days ago
Im only an eleven year old child! I don't have insurance. lol
27 days ago
Idk but I took a different depression quiz and the Dr. emailed me for some reason. YIKES. I wonder if i accidentally scheduled an appointment...
29 days ago
Every test I take says I have minor depression. I'm to scared to tell my parents. Who knows what could happen if I did.
46 days ago
if you look in the mirror.. and don't like what you see.. then look there again.. and see what its like to be me..
49 days ago
I have severe depression, I’m broken, I’m alone, I’m a Christian, and I am the maid of the house. I can’t kill myself cause thats a sin but my life is terrible. I am scared to tell my guardian that I’m depressed. HELP.
83 days ago
I'm alone. But not really. I'm with the darkness. The voices. And I no longer deserve to live. Because If I'm not hurting myself, I'm hurting everyone around me. Sorry.
87 days ago
‘Unknown but a guy’ user
I agree with you. I do not go to work but I do go to school
I am only 11 after all
179 days ago
Oh yes, depression... 2017-2019. Your still with me? When will you just leave me alone? Oh? You brought a friend? Oh, hi there anxiety, how are you? Like to torment me huh? Double trouble for me. Owy... It... Hurts... *Sigh*
210 days ago
I just want to die in all possible ways
311 days ago
first I'm a guy, I live my days by going to school seeing my friends and doing my work then come home to my Best friend Mason my dog which keeps my attention enough.. I'm asked if I'm okay..idk..I say yes but day by day I'm questioning my action and my sexuality..I've dated many girls..but 2 years and I haven't wanted one..But I enjoy the thought of a relationship with one and concept of one...but... I'm so confused ;((