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Are your boobs growing?

Are You Going Through Puberty Yet?

Will you grow after puberty (girls only )

Puberty Quiz

Have you hit puberty? (boys)

When will my boobs grow?

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Thando😍😍 (56752)
43 days ago
I have moods and now i have bubbles coming out of my vigana 😱😰
Amelia (32057)
45 days ago
I have pains in my bo b's but idek
😶 (77783)
47 days ago
I’m very physically fit with a sport and I get offended easily when people say I’m going to be flat chested. I am scared to start pu.... I don’t know if I will be able to handle it. I don’t want to be flat chested I want to have big knockers. But I won’t:((((())
123 (53530)
62 days ago
Me too I feel like my curvy friends always make fun of me for something I can’t control but I still love them and myself❤️❤️❤️
✌️💞 (83973)
89 days ago
I am 11 and in 6th grade and I feel like I’m the only flat chested girl in school I hate myself 😭
:/ (13460)
107 days ago
I think 💗 is bo*bs
PBoss (78715)
399 days ago
Who beeps you guys?????
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Ally (11414)
421 days ago
You mean your 💗?
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
443 days ago
If you mean your chest, that is fine. If you mean, like, lower, I don't know.
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
443 days ago
At the end of what...? It beeped you out.
Amanda (91086)
453 days ago
At the end of my 💗 I have these harder section on it and it hurts sometimes us that normal