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First Period Test

First Period Test

When Will You Get Your Period?

When will I get my first period?

When is your first period?

First period quiz

How long until you get your first period?

When will I get my first period?

ACCURATE 1st period test

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Girlie (27621)
9 hours ago
Also how much do you weigh and how tall are you @sophie?
Girlie (27621)
9 hours ago
Sophie have you have cravings? Have u had any headaches and do you have “all” of the hair?😬😂 have you had discharge and if so how long?
Sophie (14579)
14 hours ago
Someone pls estimate me
Cramps: few times a week since Jan.
Mood swings: a few times a week since February I think
Spotting: twice on my undies few times when I wiped
Puberty since I was 7-8
Girlie (53921)
16 hours ago
Hey Emma I think that your really close. I would say a month or less
Girlie (53921)
16 hours ago
Hey Layla Zingg I think that your pretty close except for you weight do that kinda throws it off but sometimes that doesn’t matter. I think you have like 1-4 months😘
Girlie (53921)
16 hours ago
Hey Claire I think that you have about a week-3 months for a couple reasons about the stuff you said. If you need any help say @girlie😘💕
Emma (64595)
Hi, I would like to have someone, ANYONE estimate me
Age: 12
Mom got hers at: 12 as well
Breasts: 34a, round
Discharge: Lots, pantyliners are needed. Had it for about a year now
Pubic hair: Lots, like a forest 😂
Height: 5'4" ish
Weight: 115 ish
Started puberty: I started when I was about 9
Mood swings: I have been a wreck for the past 2 months, one second I'm all happy the next someone touches my arm and I either get really mad or I have to fight to hold back tears, speaking of crying, I was just crying for no reason
Cravings: Literally 3 days ago I made my dad go out to get fries...
Headaches: All the time!
Cramps: AM I BEING STABBED?!? Right now I have a bad cramp below my belly button 😂
Underarm/leg hair: Have had both for about a year and a half
Sleep: It's impossible to fall asleep at night
Acne: Seriously, it's been so bad recently
Sweat: All the time, most of the time through my deodorant (Tmi Emma)
Spotting: Once I think, about a week ago

Please help I don't want to get it when I least expect it, other tests and people have been saying very very soon, within the month. I would like more input from others so please help!

Much Love,

Emma ♡
Layla Zingg (67206)
2 days ago
HI PEOPLEZ, I have done these tests for like 3 months and they have all sayed “1-4” months, I have brown almost curly pubic hair and underarm hair, I get a lot of discharge everyday! And my headache and mood swings happend SO often! 😢 I have also been getting cramps, the only problem is that I’m 73 lbs AND I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHEN ITS GOING TO HAPPEN 😫😫😫
Claire (52734)
2 days ago
Can someone pls estimate?
I am 13
My mom and sister were 12
32b💗 started growing 3 years ago
Pubic hair dark bushy and curly and covers the whole area
I am 5’2
I weigh 103 pounds
Discharge is pretty bad (I wear pantyliners) used to be worse
Headaches a lot
Mood swings constantly
Cravings are moderate
I have mixed skin, it’s really oily but dry at the sameness time
Underarm hair is dark and curly
Leg hair is blonde but a lot of it (the hair on my head is blonde too)
I have grown a lot in the past year (6 inches maybe)
Acne isn’t BAD but I have a fair amount of pimples
It’s really hard to fall asleep
I wear deodorant everyday
I am a competitive gymnast and I train 12 hours a week
Most quizzes say under a month but they’ve been saying that for a year
Girlie (93229)
3 days ago
It’s ok Bellscake!😘if you have any questions I’ll be glad to help
Bellscake (11675)
3 days ago
Omg. I am so scared to start mine!😨
Lizzy (53591)
3 days ago
@girlie okay thank you so much! I’ve been worried for a while, but I get it now!
Girlie (93229)
3 days ago
@lizzy yup! But it’s ok don’t be nervous it’ll be alright😘
Lizzy (53591)
4 days ago
@girlie It’s called menstrual blood right? Different than blood from cuts
Lizzy (53591)
4 days ago
@girlie Some have! But I’m quite gullible so I believed them lol I just got nervous!
Girlie (91234)
4 days ago
Have they started?😂bc that doesn’t make much sense. Its not blood that flowing around but your body it the lining of you uterus which the uterus sheds and that your period
Lizzy (53591)
4 days ago
@girlie oh okay! I just asked because some of my friends have been telling me you can faint from blood loss in the shower lol 😂 I wanted to know when I’ll get my period because I will be going to my campsite every weekend during summer and I’m not sure I’m ready for tampons! (I love swimming there) so I’ve been stressing about it!
Girlie (93229)
4 days ago
Actually lizzy I just read that again and I think about 1-4 months
Girlie (93229)
4 days ago
Hey Lizzy! I think you have about 2-6 months so I wouldn’t stress too much! I actually started my eight period this morning🙃😂 The only thing that hurts are cramps which hurt pretty bad bc I’m having them rn😂but not everyone has cramps and some people have them worse than others. It kinda feels gross bc your just bleeding and it almost feels like you peeing you pants (or me at least bc I have a heavy flow). When you get it water it usually lightens for whatever reason so you don’t really have to worry about it going everywhere in the shower. I actually REALLLYYY wanted my period for so long so I didn’t really worry:) It’s not that bad tho so don’t worry too hard💞😘 if you have any other questions feel free to ask and say @girlie
Lizzy (53591)
4 days ago
OH @girlie Just lookin’ through the comments! Lol I seriously need HELP!!
Just please read My last one under this comment! Also does a Period hurt? Or can you feel anything? I personally have no friends that have it at the moment and find it awkward to ask my family members😐
Another question, I’ve been getting serious anxiety about periods and showers… How do you do that? Like you’re just in the shower watching blood go down the drain! Seems terrifying! Did you ever worry about that and how do you cope with it? Thank you! Make sure to look at my bio down there