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"When will I get my first period?" is a huge question for most girls. The answer is as individual as each girl. Getting your period changes many things in your life, so we can definitely understand that you want to get as much information about it as possible.
Maybe you're excited to get your period because you feel it's a rite of passage – in other words, it makes you see yourself as a woman, and you're more than ready for that. Or maybe it seems scary to you, and you're a bit worried about what will be going on with your body. Maybe you see your period as just another thing you'll have to deal with in your everyday life and you want to know the ins and outs of having it. Or maybe you haven't given your period much thought before, but as the inevitable event of your first one draws closer, you want to know what to expect and to be ready.
Whatever your reason for clicking here, there is probably at least one quiz you can take in this section that will give you the knowledge you want / need. You probably have friends who are just like you, so definitely send them here to get their own questions answered and curiosities satisfied.

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When Will I Get My First Period?

When Will I Get My First Period?

ACCURATE First Period Quiz

ACCURATE First Period Quiz

When Will I Get My Period Quiz - 100% Accurate!

When Will I Get My Period Quiz - 100% Accurate!

When will you get your first period?

When Will You Get Your Period?

When Will I Get My First Period?

When is your first period?

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Gabby (48769)
4 hours ago
I got bad spotting 4 days in a row is it my period?
Honeyflame (31177)
5 hours ago
Seriously being on your period SUCKS!
Anonymous (55162)
14 hours ago
Oh and I forgot

I sweat more than usual and it smells

My mom was slightly younger than me- my sister too

Breast are sore but they always are- ever since I got them

Thanks help me please!!!!
Annonymous (55162)
14 hours ago
Can someone please estimate me?

I am 12 years old

Breast development 2.5-3 years ago

Breast are rounded triangles

I wear a padded bra

Discharge for 1 year and 3 months

Discharge is clear and cloudy white-
Creamy- I have a lot every day

Leg hair is dark and strait- I have a lot

Shave a few times a week for 1 year

Had pubic hair for 8 months

Pubic hair is dark and curly- pretty full but not all the way- 1/2-3/4 full

I have an increasing amount of sparse dark curly armpit hairs for 6 months- not much but a medium amount

I might have had slight cramps a couple times this week- I am not sure if it was PMS though

A lot of food cravings

Moody like almost every day- one minute I am happy then I am crying

I am 5 foot and weigh 90 lbs

I have some acne- not too much but I have multiple pimples here and there

Please please help!!!! Thanks so much!!!🌷
En (29641)
I’m 12
Weight abt 38kg
Mim got hers at 11
Discharge is really heavy feel like I peeing myself sometimes
My breasts fit into a small bra
Full grown down there
Heaps of leg hair I shave
A lil bit of armpit hair
Cramps are frequent
My back is always sore
I sweat like a waterfall
Craving chocolate and candy
Got a lot of whiteheads and my face is very lumpy bc of pimples forming
I get really strong mod swings I would usually start crying if I got angry over something really small
My discharge is thick yellow
I’m going to camp in three weeks should I take a pad and when will I get it
rubyred (12243)
2 days ago
please estimate

I'm 12 1/3
My mom got hers at 11/12
I'm 4' 8" (I come from a short family and my predicted height is about 5' 5")
A bit less than 80 pounds
I'm a 32 A
💗 are small and slightly triangle shaped (have been growing for about a year?)
My pubic hair is course, dark, pretty curly, and half-full
I have a small amount of straight, dark underarm hair
My legs and arms are extremely hairy and I have to shave almost every day
A lot of thick, creamy, white/yellow discharge pretty much every day for 2+ years (I sometimes wear liners and I already got a yeast infection once)
I've spotted maybe twice but sometimes my discharge seems brownish
I have lots of pimples on my hairline and a sometimes s few on my face but lots of whiteheads and blackheads around my nose
My face is pretty oily, and so is my hair/scalp
I have a TON of dandruff
I sweat a lot sometimes (I need deodorant and a shower daily)
My 💗 have been a little sore lately
I sometimes get headaches and bloating
I get mood swings 3-6 times per week
I get cravings quite a bit (especially for candy and chocolate)
I have cramps every 2 or 3 days
The quizzes all say different things from next week to 6 months so I'm kinda confused
thx soooo much 😁
I got u gurl (66496)
5 days ago
I got u gurl (66496)
5 days ago
heyyyy i'm bored does anyone need advice
@Hi (41051)
5 days ago
I think you have around 1 month-3 months maybe more or maybe less but it hard to tell definitely speak to your mum and be prepared for whenever it may happen. Good luck
liberty (41321)
6 days ago
in a week or less i am so happy for myself 👍❤
Tilly (40033)
6 days ago
Please estimate
I’m 10 turning 11 in 2 months
Mom got hers when she was ten
I’m about 5ft 3 my family is a mixture of really tall or really short people
I’m light but I don’t know my weight
I don’t know my size but I have big enough 💗 to wear a proper bra
I don’t have any pubic hair
I have hairy legs but I never shave
I have a lot of 💗l discharge every day
I’ve got a few spots
I get cramps once or twice a week
I have one or two pimples but nobody apart from my sister had spots when the were growing
I get a lot of mood swings
My breasts are saw but not that bad
I sweat but not a lot even in 30-40c

Hi (69047)
8 days ago
Estimate please!
I'm 11
Mom got hers when she was 10
I'm 4 ft and 7 inches, but I come from a short family
I weigh 77 pounds but I lose weight fast
I'm around a 34 A and have been growing for 2 years almost
Almost full pubic hair and have been growing for almost a year
My armpit hair is dark and I shave twice a week. Has been growing for almost a year.
I have to shave my legs at least once a week
I've had discharge everyday for a year now and there is A LOT
I haven't spotted
I rarely ever get cramps
I've been getting a lot more pimples
My cravings consist of any chocolate or ice and french fries. They last around 24 hours.
My breasts will randomly start hurting
I sweat way to much and it smells horrible if I don't wear deodorant.

Sophia (83191)
8 days ago
Hi belles! We are like the exact same person! I think I am gonna get my period soon. At most 4 months for me. So maybe you will get your’es within 4 months! Good luck gurl 💖
Belles (50670)
8 days ago
Hey! Estimate me anyone? I’m so confused. Everyone’s telling me different things

- age 13 1/2
-mum about the same age.But was more developed than I am now
- AA / A bra , sore every few days
- Pubic hair is pretty full. Getting curlier. My family doesn’t get much body hair anyway so I would say it is almost fully developed .
- underarm hair is still thickening . Blond at the ends but darker and curlyish at the base. sparse though.
-Discharge everyday, wear pantyliners all the time becuase my whole panties gets soaked
Started getting light discharge about 2 years ago ( yay😴)
- unlike my mum however , I have to shave my legs almost everyday becuase it grows so fast and so dark against my pale legs. If I shave in the morning it is stubbly by the next morning ( so I shave again if I can be bothered)
- mood swings are really bad for about 3 weeks of a months , then I’m fine for a week
- spots come and go too. Quite bad on my jawline. My brother got acne at 15 after he went through a huge growth spurt and everything else for boys
- sweating in pits is controllable with deodorant but if I forgot IT STINKS
- face and back started sweating more in the past 5 months

Thank you so much!!
If you want to email me my ‘results’
sofia (41919)
8 days ago
I think you'll get your period within the next 3 months or so.. good luck
Please help (36236)
8 days ago
Please estimate me
Just turned 13
Mum got hers when she was 12
I have had a lot of discharge everyday since just over a year ago
I weigh 41 kg
AA cup
I’m always moody
I don’t really know if I’ve gotten cramps before
Always have cravings
I have a lot of pubic hair, armpit hair and leg hair
I sweat A LOT
I also get headaches
please estimate me
Girlz (41051)
9 days ago
@Gabby thank you so much.
Bojour (26613)
9 days ago
Please estimate me my comment is further down the comments
Queenemma (62749)
9 days ago
Lol not @diane @liv😂
Queenemma (62749)
9 days ago
@ Diane how long have u been having the “cycle”(every six weeks)?