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First Period Test

First Period Test

When Will You Get Your Period?

When will I get my first period?

When is your first period?

First period quiz

How long until you get your first period?

When will I get my first period?

ACCURATE 1st period test

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Girlie (10901)
109 days ago
hey -Step the 💗 p kyle -you sound like you stould start pretty soon prob and about a month or two...have you had any pms? (Cramps,acne,bloating etc..)
Step up kyle (70587)
109 days ago
Estimate me please!!!

I’m 13. I weigh 98 lbs. I am 5”1’. I have a bunch of discharge everyday. I’ve had it for a year and a half. I wear a size 32B. My tits are rounded but not fully grown. I have brown armpit hair. Very dark and think leg hair. I shave every other day. Pubic hair is long and curly but not really that full.

Anonymous (30551)
110 days ago
Congrats Dragonlover497! Good luck!!!! xxx
Girlie (64575)
110 days ago
hey Dragonlover497 congrats you're now a women! How heavy is it bc my first was super light...I would recommend wearing pads your first at least 3 periods and then if you want to try tampons then go for it. Make sure that you take a bath every night to get the blood off etc...also you can make a heat pack if you're having cramps with an old sock and you put rice in it then heat it up 30 seconds at a time for a max of 2 minutes.I also use Advil if my cramps get to bad. Good luck and if you have any questions don't be scared to ask me! 💞
Dragonlover497 (88786)
110 days ago
I jest got my first period and I could use some advice so if anyone has enything I should no please tell me
Girly (64575)
110 days ago
Hey guys ok so I've had about 6 periods so I know a lot about them so if anyone has a question say -girlie and I will try to answer it asap! :)
HelpMe (67107)
111 days ago
A girl you will get it very soon...
A girl (62636)
111 days ago
Okay, Anonymous thank you
Anonymous (02278)
111 days ago
A girl, I’d say you will get yours within the next 6 months, good luck!
A girl (62636)
112 days ago
Hi can someone pls estimate me
Age 13 (14 in August - long time I know but...)
I wear teenager's proper cup bra 34aa
Weight around 7 stone
Shave legs around 1s a week when I can be bothered
I get annoyed about lots of things and small things can sometimes make me cry or just generally get really angry- I often overreact
I think my mum got it at like 14? I dunno tho
Black curly underarm hair but not fully grown
Breast dev stage 3/4
Black quite curly hair down there but not near belly button
I generally get quite a lot of discharge everyday I feel it coming out but not as much recently
Had spotting for definite once quite a bit like 2 months ago maybe less I might have had it more but I dunno
My breasts are a bit sore when touched and they used to hurt way more without but ages ago
I quite often have diarrhoea and I have had cramps a few times once for a whole lesson but then u had PE and it went
Had discharge for like 6+ months and been in puberty for around 2 years
I have to wear quite a lot of deodorant and I have quite a few spots on my face but mainly on my cheek
Occasional bloating
Something over 5 ft
Occasional cravings
Growth spurt loads think I'm still having one
Leg hair getting darker
Breasts roundish not full
So many people in my year have it I'm like the only one D: well not quite
Woah that was a lot sorry
Falcome (88786)
113 days ago
So make sure you have some pads handy jest in case it dose start and if you are scared of it starting then talk to your mom she will be grate help
Falcome (88786)
113 days ago
Katelyn I am not good at this but I will try
I think you will get yours pritty soon in about 3weeks-1 month
katelyn (52691)
113 days ago
12 years old (13 in january) mom was about 12-13
sore breasts, starting to see growth
medium amount of leg and arm hair
kind of a lot of hair (down there) little bit of armpit hair
sometimes very moody (few times a day)
seen discharge for awhile now
i break out but i can keep it under control
cramps about every other day, they hurt but not horrible.
i get cravings once in awhile
super annoyed sometimes too
Falcome (88786)
114 days ago
Btw my best friend was a dog but it was still hard because she was with me sense I was 3 months old😭😭😭
Falcome (88786)
115 days ago
Katie I am rilly sorry about your mom 😭😭
It was hard for me when my best friend died and that was about 3 months ago.
Sorry about your mom
Falcome (88786)
115 days ago
No acne no bloting tiny cramps (barly hurt)
I am not sure about mood swings but maby

Thanks sooooo much😀😂😁
Anonymous (02278)
116 days ago
Pig, you should get your period sooner rather than later, however there is a chance you won’t, I have had cramps and acne for about 6 months and discharge for three years, and still no period, it is different for every girl though.
Anonymous (02278)
116 days ago
Katie, have you had any other signs that you may start your period soon, that might make it easier to figure out when you will get it.
Anonymous (02278)
116 days ago
Bee, no problem and I’m so sorry about your mom. Stay strong xx
Pig (01816)
116 days ago
The past month I have had A LOT of crampings, and about a week ago my face started breaking out😞,and I have been having HEAVY discharge the past 5-6 months!!!! PLEASE HELP