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It is often said that as long as you have health the rest you can buy. It is true to the certain extent - good health is a basis of our normal life. What do we need to do to keep ourselves fit and dynamic? What kind of food is healthy and what ingredients we should better avoid? Do diets and making sport always have positive effect on our body?
Think you have a healthy way of life - test yourself now! Or consider yourself an expert in the field of healthy nutrition - welcome to our internet page with a collection of the health tests and quizzes and enjoy your time here.

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70 days ago
I would say about 7-12 months!
Good luck and the only time u should be worried is when u turn 16
70 days ago
@YEET discharge doesn't hurt cuz I've got it.
It's a gooey or kinda flaky thing liquid substance that without knowing will go in ur knickers. It doesn't hurt I promise and u don't feel a thing. U just need 2 wash ur knickers regularly
96 days ago
everyone who reads this follow my tiktok; @austhentics_lover (write it down)
101 days ago it normal I’m in 6th grade and I still don’t even wear a trainer?! My mom said I might need one. But my lil’ sis just makes fun of me and it’s embarrassing. And, I’m worried about a period. Does a period hurt? I’m really scared...does it hurt?! Does it feel weird? Oh, and one more thing...what’s discharge? Does that hurt too? What is it? If anyone can answer all of my questions, god bless you, angel
104 days ago
im Ashley im 16 17 in 2 weeks I started puberty at 9 and started my period at 11 its nothing to worry about its not as bad as it all seems and if your scared that your 💗 will never grow its okay my 💗 were an A when I was 9 now im a DD don't worry either if your scared that your going to get your period I was so worried when I came on I thought I had a cut down there because we didn't do any💗ed in are class if you have any concerns ask me of someone you know about periods or puberty

good luck :)
111 days ago
Please estimate me,, I’m worried I’m not gonna start🥵
I’m 14 in September
My mum got hers when she was 14
Started puberty at the beginning of year 7
Pubic hair black and long
Discharge had it about 6-8 months?
💗 been getting bigger over the last 3 months
AA bra but can fit in a A
Any more info needed tell me❤️
Just worried cause all my friends have started and my cousins and I’m the only one😥
135 days ago
@Anonymous 07
0-3 months
good luck x
140 days ago
Sry. I made a mistake;
*cramps a few times a week
*bursting into tears.
140 days ago
Hey guys. Pls estimate me for when I'll get my first period.
I just turned 12 this month.
I wear a training bra and I think my 💗 are around stage 3 or 4 (I haven't measured yet but they're small)
I've had a lot of discharge everyday for 2years now.
Pubic hair: dark long and curly (had it since I was 9)
Ive spotted a few times.
I get cramps a fee times a week.
Cravings all the time
Mum got it at my age.
Mood swings every single day (I feel like guesting into tears for no reason at all)
I'm 5 foot 1
I have a little acne here and there.
Pls estimate me it would help so much. Tell me if I missed out any info.
166 days ago
thank you so much!!!
LOL I just re-read it
I did not mean to say
" can you guys this make me please?"
LOL I meant to say "can you guys estimate me please"
well you understood me that's all that matters
166 days ago
0-3 months
Good luck Emery x
167 days ago
Can you guys this make me please?
When will I get my first period?

I'm 11 in less than 2 months
I don't know when my mom get hers by know she was over 10
I've had discharge for 4 to 8 months
my discharge is yellowish Brown
I had spotting 3 times
I have discharge everyday multiple times
my bo obs are at stage 3 or 4
I wear an AA or A bra but I should be wearing A - B cup
I have all the symptoms loading spotting cravings my 💗 hurt it's hard for me to sleep I'm lazy all the time I have mood swings my hair is oily my skin is oily I have pimples I have literally all the symptoms

I have hair on my v a g i n a
I have here on arms and legs

did I forget anything just ask if I did please estimate me ASAP!!!
169 days ago
I don’t know. I wasn’t here?
171 days ago
Wait you girls haven’t gotten your periods?!?
191 days ago
To all you kids doing drugs stop it it's not good man. I've been doing it for awhile and it's not good aka#STAYINSCHOOL
239 days ago
ZZZZzzzzzz 😪
252 days ago
Oh my gosh I'm so sorry but I was saying that a doctor is usually more trustworthy than quizzes. You could also ask your mom when she had her first period because most girls have it around the same time as their moms.
252 days ago
@Abby, I would listen to your doctor. They are usually more trustworthy than
257 days ago
I am 9
I have really early puberty and so did my mom
I have been developing since 7 then I had small ❤️ With some fat and buds and some pubic hair
I have a ton of pubic hair it is getting concerning like when I wear a swimsuit you can see the hair down there so I shave down there it is embarrassing but true
I have pretty big busts ❤️ They have huge buds and have a LOT of fat around them to the point I wear a padded bra
I have a TON of discharge
I know it sounds like I Sam really far into puberty but I have not gotten my period yet and I am scared it is going to be any day now
The quiz says any day but my doctor says a month to a year
Who do I believe pls help
257 days ago
I am 12
I have a ton of dark, curly pubic hair down there, under my arms, and on my legs
I shave my legs and pits
I have a TON of discharge
I have small developing ❤️ With buds and fat growing around them
I have a LOT of mood swings
It said I will start any week now
I am scared ahhhhhhhhhh