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It is often said that as long as you have health the rest you can buy. It is true to the certain extent - good health is a basis of our normal life. What do we need to do to keep ourselves fit and dynamic? What kind of food is healthy and what ingredients we should better avoid? Do diets and making sport always have positive effect on our body?
Think you have a healthy way of life - test yourself now! Or consider yourself an expert in the field of healthy nutrition - welcome to our internet page with a collection of the health tests and quizzes and enjoy your time here.

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66 days ago
Someone pls estimate me I am getting desprate
88 days ago
Or any of the EMOJIS it shows for the word before tanner
88 days ago
Unicorn is b๐Ÿ‘€bs it did not accept the word
88 days ago
I need to know when I will get my period and all the tests I have taken have said I will get it soon but I want someone to estimate me ok let's go
Age: 10

Weight: 99 lbs

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 4 ft. 11 in.

Discharge: starting to get more yellow and thick

Acne: if I do not wash my face every day I breakout with black heads

Leg hair: Blonde am not allowed to shave legs yet is starting to get more noticable

Arm hair: same as leg hair

Armpits: I wear deodorant but am starting to get some hairs

๐Ÿ˜: Tanner stage 3-4 have a few hairs on the nipple

Down there: thick curly dark brown hair
207 days ago
My mom rescue nygueen
224 days ago
Correction: stage 3-4 ๐Ÿš”
224 days ago
The emojis keep changing
224 days ago
I'm having glitches, sry about me sounding crazy. Its not important, anyway.
224 days ago
224 days ago
Sry about the car emojis? I didn't type those, probs a glitch, the word that's covered is s๐Ÿ’—ed.
224 days ago
I have had period symptoms lately. Can someone estimate me?

Height: about 5ft
Weight: about 80, slowly gaining
๐Ÿ’‹stage: 2
Discharge: large amounts, white, sticky, and can be s๐Ÿ’‹ed off.
Armpit hair: nonexistent
"Down there" hair: blonde, becoming more noticeable
Leg hair: almost shaving time!
Arm hair: becoming more noticeable
Acne: oily, bumpy nose (don't know WHAT that is)
Armpit sweat: I think I smell worse than a used diaper without deodorant!

I've also been really moody, had a few cramps "there", have had food cravings, and have been grumpy for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Somebody PLS estimate!
271 days ago
Your first few periods may come late. This is normal, your body just isn't used to the process yet.
296 days ago
I had my first period and now my second one is like 3 weeks late!!! PLEASE HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO
320 days ago
Ummmmmmmmmmmmm idk
320 days ago
Me to im super shy to pumpkin just be confident and go up to her just try to face your fear and say you need a padded bra i bet she will understand.i hope you see this.:-)
356 days ago
Did the commentserased or is it just me
542 days ago
I'm still wearing a training bra but I need a padded one so bad. Can someone PLEASE give me some tips on how to tell my mom I'm too shy and awkward ๐Ÿ˜…
560 days ago
When u get your period should you tell ur mom or some one else? how do u tell ur mom?
710 days ago
Mystery...thats not quite right. A tampon can't go through "stuff" like you describe. You are meaning your hymen- a thin sheet of body tissue that is "broken" when you first have sexual ๐Ÿ•Š. A tampon doesnt go in far enough to go near the hymen. Using a tampon is nothing like losing your virginity. It is perfectly safe to use tampons when you first start your period- just use the smallest absorbancy factor for your flow and ALWAYS remember to change it frequently. every 3-4 hours will be good enough to change it.
718 days ago
i prefer starting with pads because tampons go through "stuff" inside of you that will make guys think you already lose your virginity. (when you lose your virginity blood comes out)