Do You Have A Drinking Problem?

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Ever wondered if your drinking has become out of control? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    You drink much more than you planned.
  • 2
    You can't remember things from the night before/chunks of time are missing.
  • 3
    You wake up in a strange place (and don't remember how you got there).

  • 4
    You drink more than 5 drinks per outing.
  • 5
    Your drinking causes you to miss school/work.
  • 6
    You drink more than 2 nights per week.

  • 7
    Friends/family express concern over your drinking.
  • 8
    You feel embarassed/guilty about things you did while drinking.
  • 9
    You have tried to control your drinking but found you were unable to.
  • 10
    You drink to numb your emotions.

  • 11
    You drink so you are not shy in social situations.
  • 12
    Your drinking has landed you in the hospital.
  • 13
    You need a drink in the morning to help "cure" a hangover.
  • 14
    After a night of drinking, you shake in the morning and may even hallucinate.
  • 15
    Your drinking has gotten you into legal trouble.

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