Alcohol True or False Quiz

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This is a quiz consisting upon the material about alcohol that we learned from Mr. Pillings health lessons...

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    A person cannot die from alcohol poisoning in one sitting, it takes months of heavy drinking for it to kill them
  • 2
    The brain is still developing up to the age of 21. So it is a good idea to stay away from alcohol tell your brain is fully developed
  • 3
    If you had a parent who is an alcoholic, this does not increase your chances of developing alcoholism

  • 4
    Although alcohol is dangerous, it has nothing to do with fires or hypothermia.
  • 5
    Most of the alcohol businesses get most of their money from mass media which include sporting events such as the NHL.
  • 6
    Alcohol abuse only impairs skills such as sports only when you’re under the influence of alcohol, but never after.

  • 7
    Alcohol can lead to cancers such as cancers in the liver or stomach.
  • 8
    You mature faster well drinking alcohol because you’re experiencing something that is meant for older people such as adults.
  • 9
    Advantages of staying sober is that you reduce your chances of being injured.
  • 10
    66% of alcoholics have a mental or emotional disease.

  • 11
    There is much more alcohol in beer then lite beer that is why it called "lite beer," it has less alcohol.
  • 12
    Men can expect greater impairment then girls well drinking the same amount of alcohol.

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1366 days ago
drinking is wrong and can give you misguided signals with who to trust and who you should stay away from so try not to get involved because there are consequences
1366 days ago
dont drink unless your over the age of 18