Test of Quizzes
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Test of Quizzes

This is to tell if you have an online-test problem whatever it may be.

Question 1:First of all, how do you take quizzes?
I'm forced by somebody who wants me to
I just like them
I love taking these quizzes!
Just to see what the answers are and explore a bit

Question 2:Do you believe in these quizzes?
Sometimes I'll go by them, but it depends on the quiz
I acknowledge them, but I don't believe much
Not one bit, these quizzes are completely stupid sometimes
I love quizzes, I don't get effected, just entertained!
Some may make me stop and think a little, but it's alright

Question 3:Which one most describes you at the end of a bogus quiz?
HaHaHa, what a weird quiz, I think I'll do another!
Hmm, interesting, but I don't think it's right
Uh oh...that doesn't seem to match. Maybe I should do it again...
..........What?....That's not me......is it?....I'm confused
.......................Ok, that's just screwed up

Question 4:You take a love quiz and get an outcome that tells you that you need to be more sexy. You-
Immediately wear revealing clothing
Be "nicer" to people you like
Say, "Yeah, whatever." And think of your girl/boyfriend
Blow it off and don't change, if you changed, than what would happen???

Question 5:What most describes your situations?
None of the answers are what I would choose!
The outcome is always different than what I think!!!
Both of above or *OTHER*
No problems, I know it's just a test and I should pick the CLOSEST one that describes me

Question 6:Tests are:
opinions and thoughts of the creator
mainly stupid, but stupid things are alright sometimes!
A great way to explore yourself through thoughts of other people
A great way to mess around online and get ideas about stuff

Question 7:For SCHOOL tests, you-
Study all I can!
Study some
Depends on the test, if it's a subject I don't know, than I might study a little
I don't usually study, but you never know...
I don't study for tests

Question 8:I take tests:
Seriously of course!
I'll fill in whatever I want to fill in dangit!
Depends on the test, of course!

Question 9:Are you test crazy?
I'm a girl (AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!) [*Yes, I love tests*]
Sometimes I like to get into some, and sometimes not.
I like a couple tests here and there, but not often
Maybe a tiny

Question 10:What are your favorite kind of tests?
Love and relationship and sex ones!
Career and Knowledge ones
Ones describing yourself as a certain thing
Just the ones I like...nothing in a category like that

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