The Coffee Addiction Test
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The Coffee Addiction Test

Are you addicted to coffee? Does it run your life? How bad is your coffee addiction? Find out now.

Question 1:How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?
1 to 3
4 to 7
Lots and lots and lots

Question 2:What do your friends say about you and coffee?
They don't say anything.
"Why don't you like it?"
"Don't you drink a bit too much coffee?"
"You're an addict. How many cups have you had today?"

Question 3:Ever been on coffee high?
I live in a coffee high.
You mean like all giggly, hyper, and nervous?
That happens occasionally.

Question 4:What's your coffee drinking record? (in a day)
0 cups
1-5 cups
6-9 cups
Can't count

Question 5:"After tobacco coffee is the worst poison." Your opinion?
Poison? POISON?! Coffee is not poison; it's heaven in a cup!
Well, I thought someone said that salt was the worst after tobacco but...
Definitely true. Caffeine is very dangerous.
Might be true but won't stop me from drinking it.

Question 6:It's morning and you're running late and you're out of coffee. What do you do?
Drink tea instead.
Go to work/school angry and having a headache.
Go to work/school but stop in a café on your way, causing you to arrive in late.
Refuse to go anywhere before you've had your coffee from your own coffee mug so you run to the shop to buy coffee. You arrive in to school/work terribly late.

Question 7:How do you drink your coffee?
With cream and sugar. Lots of cream and sugar so I can hide the taste of coffee.
With milk and sugar. Better to the stomach and tastes better too.
With sugar only.
Plain black to enjoy the taste of coffee best.

Question 8:Have you ever drunk so much coffee it affected your sleep?
Yes, but I didn't want to sleep.
Yep, sometimes
I never sleep. I guess it's because of coffee.

Question 9:Out of these, which is best?
Herbal tea

Question 10:Coffee causes…
A wonderful thing called coffee high.
A not so wonderful thing called coffee high.
Headaches if not drunk.
Yellow teeth, heart attacks, addiction...

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