Do YOU Need A Bra? (GIRLS)

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It come a time where all girls start wondering, "Do I need a bra?" And that MAY be you, so I am here to help you out!

  • 1
    What is your cup size?
  • 2
    What other puberty signs do you have?
  • 3
    Do you have your period yet?

  • 4
    Does anyone tell you-you need a bra?
  • 5
    Do you want a bra?
  • 6
    What shape are your boobs?

  • 7
    Do People Stare At Your Breasts?
  • 8
    Have you asked anyone for a bra before?
  • 9
    Are The other girls in your class getting bras?
  • 10
    Do you feel any more attracted to boys/girls?

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2 days ago
I told my mother to buy me a bra and she agreed. Now I am wearing a 30B bra
16 days ago
idk I'd this is accurate
27 days ago
Most absolutely!!!
35 days ago
BTW I am 10 so....Yah and that is pretty much it
35 days ago
I wear a sports bra and I don't even play sports!Heck,I don't even WEAR them!
50 days ago
i have been feeling uncomfterble about my mom looking at my 👮 and i my 👮 wer getting quite big. i wasent sure if i should get bra or not because 10 seems a bit young.i got 50 so at least i know ii need one
75 days ago
It was 40% don’t need one at all and 40% needed one ages ago! I’m so confused!!! The test was trash!!!
82 days ago
I dunno why I took this.......... I am 15 and got my first bra a few years ago. Although I am pretty sure that I needed one a year or so before that. I was pretty much the first girl I knew that was my age to need one. That was horrid. Any way, my bust type is rare because I am 33" around the bust but have a 5" difference between the bust and under the bust which supposedly means I have a DD cup... not many women/ girls have that. Usually girls with my body measurements are practically flat- chested.
108 days ago
I can give you measurments i guess.....
120 days ago
can someone tell me how to measure?
123 days ago
@Yaz , I was about 10 when I got my bra too, and it’s pretty normal. Always feel free to go to your friends, especially the further along ones/big sis if you need to talk. Also, I’d go with a sports bra. They work well for almost every size
124 days ago
It said I need a bra
Me:why the heck
Reads everything
Training bra ?
Sports bra?
I am so different
Everyone share these things with your mom but me I won't I share these with my best friend
124 days ago
Omg I am so scared to ask or talk about it I am 10 and my breasts started growing bigger I am nervous and I think waiting till period comes is better but how I am in puberty ?🤔 My friend got her periods it's so fast 😬
127 days ago
I might need one... kinda scared
132 days ago
@MinYoongiiiii I was nervous too but maybe you could start dropping hints?
134 days ago
Girl how are you scared to ask for a bra my breast was already big when I was 2 and now I am 9 I bought my own bras if you are so scared do what I did raise your own money by doing hair,toes,nails garden yard sale something to rais money me and my sister went to walmart to get some and we did hair, toes,nails, garden and the things I have istened and I raised 25for each thing and I could not believe that on my life I did and I learned you can die if you put it on your life
134 days ago
i think i need a bra but im too nervous too ask
145 days ago
Says I need a or b or light padding sounds about right
148 days ago
No Suzy is not bad everyone grows at their own Pace like I am only 10 and I wear a light cupped bra everyone is different
163 days ago
It’s fine meow meow just be glad you don’t have big 💓 I do I’m only 13