Do YOU Need A Bra? (GIRLS)

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It come a time where all girls start wondering, "Do I need a bra?" And that MAY be you, so I am here to help you out!

  • 1
    What is your cup size?
  • 2
    What other puberty signs do you have?
  • 3
    Do you have your period yet?

  • 4
    Does anyone tell you-you need a bra?
  • 5
    Do you want a bra?
  • 6
    What shape are your boobs?

  • 7
    Do People Stare At Your Breasts?
  • 8
    Have you asked anyone for a bra before?
  • 9
    Are The other girls in your class getting bras?
  • 10
    Do you feel any more attracted to boys/girls?

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130 days ago
I'm 12 and have a large C-cup and everyone makes fun of me cause all my friends have much smaller ones...
131 days ago
I need a bra now my 😻 are so big and full I will show the results to my mom right away finally the boys at school wont be staring at my sagging triangular big nippled
154 days ago
Oh and why would u have a mom if u can't trust her?!
154 days ago
HI IM 10 ots OK I've got a size C and I've told my mom the conversation started like this : me: mom today we learned about girls bodys (lol we didn't) I started puberty pls can u have a bra?! Mom: Ofc! Me:ty mom: let's go to the shop (tryes on size B bras) me : DONT FITTTT MOM:( THINKING WOW)
251 days ago
i love how it says "do you like boys or GIRLS". very lgbtq+ inclusuve.
252 days ago
Im really nervous to tell my mom I'm going through puberty. I started like a few weeks ago and I figured out I was growing up and stuff but I'm only ten
269 days ago
I just texted my mum saying Hey mom sometime soon can I get a training bra? I don’t know how you feel about this, can you let me know. 😁 And she just said Sure. I can take you shopping for that. That easy!
271 days ago
Okay if your breasts are triangler and wobble when you jump ur probably at stage 3.

If your to scared to say it in person write her a note or send her a text.
Remember your mum went through the same stuff as you and I’m sure she will understand.

Remember don’t be scared she is your mom. I know I’m saying that and I just said I didn’t know how to ask but I got up the courage to ask and I’m going bra shopping tomorrow. So it worked. I bet she will get you one if you ask.😁
271 days ago
I'm eleven, and I think I'm in stage two, my breasts are "triangle" shaped, and I have most of the signs of puberty. My breasts wobble slightly more than a little when I jump. I want to ask my mom but i get anxiety just thinking about it, please, can someone help?
279 days ago
Hey idk I need a bit of help,
I got 60 I would like a bra I feel I
need one I’m 11 most of the girls in my class have them and most are at the same stage as me.

How do I ask because you seem really experienced.
298 days ago
@Someone nice
Here is how I asked my mom, hope it works for you!
1. Make sure your siblings, dad, family members, friends etc aren’t there (if you don’t want it to be awkward)
2. Say it naturally, like it’s just a normal convo. DO NOT go like “Hey mom, uh can I talk to you in private?” Because that will be awkward.
3. This is what I said( I was at home and she asked what I learned in school today) “Today we had some education about puberty! And I learned about the development of bodies once we get older!” (She was like “that’s nice, did you learn anything else?”) “ Yeah, I saw that I was experiencing a lot of symptoms about my breast developing, so could we go bra shopping anytime soon?” And we went shopping 3 days later:))
316 days ago
Hey I took this test and it said I need a padded one but idk how ask my mum pls help
410 days ago
@%uD83E%uDD8BButterflywish, just ask your mom. It shouldn’t be embarrassing
413 days ago
Im 12 and i really hate bras ive never wanted one , but the problem is i think i really need one my 🍒 are stage four mabye even a little more and im way to embarrassed to ask my mum for a bra what should i do???
432 days ago
im 9 and i got a bit embarrased to say it but i kinda want a bra but im to afraid to ask
448 days ago
I think my breast stage is around 3.5-4. They hurt when I run and go downstairs. My mom said I have to wait to get a bra but I think im ready. Also my test score said I need a cup bra.
459 days ago
It say I am ready for a bra cup A or C I got 60%😳
470 days ago
I am 9 and have 90 percent
537 days ago
Mostly don't need one yet, but pretty close up is I need it!
560 days ago
hi kaeley,
yes hair on your ❤️ is completely normal so don’t worry about it :))