Are You Ready for a Training Bra? Quiz

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Most girls start wearing a training bra from ages 8 to 14.

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40 days ago
it dosen't feel right to ask my mom for a bra \ training bra
40 days ago
I only wear a training bra sometimes .
42 days ago
I already wear a training bra.
76 days ago
Wait isthat my adress
76 days ago
It's okay guys nothing bad happened she sweared, SHE SWEARED so what. We are still sitting here today
76 days ago
Ok guys. So I guess honestly I think it might be okay to swear because yk what? You hear swearing all the time at school
86 days ago
97 days ago
Can everyone STOP SWEARING?!?
97 days ago
Hagga I'm in the same situation WAIT r u ****ing Hugo????? No way I need to tell yr mom yr swearing so bad she's gonna kill u lol u never getting a bra lmao
97 days ago
Mate I just need a cup like this says maybe a training bra but I am literally 13 and my friend wears a training bra even tho her 🐱 r like super small and my mom says 'oh look how grown up she is' and then I wanna ask her to get ME a bra cos ma 🐱 r huge but I get too scared and then she doesn't even ask about me and now I'm scared cos what if she never gets me a bra and ma 🐱end up 😒ucking huge and horrid and nobody wants to have 🤑with me and then ma crush thinks I look gross cos of ma massive misshapen 🐱 and then I'm just 😒ucking ranting here ya probs don't wanna know this stuff but if ya know me (ma real names Hugo i know like the boys name but I'm a girl) then don't talk here just get ma mum to get me a 😒ucking bra!!!
97 days ago
Mate where do ya go if ya too scared to ask ya parents but ya rlly need one? Like, past training bra stage!! Help me so bad 😳☹🥺
100 days ago
did you answer the questoins corectly?
100 days ago
I'm sorry maker of this quizz but my results are way farther than my actuall chest my chest is already wearing padded bra's(soft)
But your results said this:
For 40% you are: Not even close! You're like YEARS away! Sorry to make you upset
101 days ago
bro my breasts hurt so bad after i started wearing bras!!! fyi i already wear bras so i can help with stuff.
101 days ago
hi everyone, i have a hopefully helpful tip. so find a time where just u and ur mom or dad or whatever person u feel comfortable with are shopping preferably not a grocery store. u just ask do u think we could take a look in the bra section? it worked 4 me! i reccomend target but if you want girly bras thenvictorias secret is a good option too. byyeeee!!!
117 days ago
yea and since i alreadywear bras i can really help!!!
119 days ago
Hey girls, who wants to join a discord server where we can help each other?
123 days ago
Guys, if you don't know how to ask your mom for a bra, just act like u don't know about them. For example, just say "I feel like someone's gonna peek under my shirt and see my 💗." she'll think of a bunch of ideas and you say no until she thinks of training bras!
126 days ago
OMG. 40 percent! Apparently I need to talk now. But how? I am in the same sittuation as 19372!
135 days ago
the quiz said for 60% i am but i have no idea how to ask for a training bra! Does anyone have any tips. :(