Are You Ready for a Training Bra? Quiz

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Most girls start wearing a training bra from ages 8 to 14.

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209 days ago
I did this for fun. I'm already wearing a training bra but i think i need a padded one
209 days ago
Hi im 9 and I wear a size 30 in sports bras here's a trip first you have to text your mom about it then she will say will think about it then you will wait at least two weeks then u will tell her again then she will say I'll talk to you in rl later then that's when she will prob get you some Of not comment
225 days ago
bro im doing this for fun i already wear a bra
229 days ago
I am only 9 and in 4th grade. Last year I started wearing a bra my breasts started developing but I don't have breast buds I think I'm right in the middle of flat chested and breast buds. I have a growth spurt. And idk what to do. But wearing a bra makes me feel comfy. So should I continue wearing one. HELP PLS
230 days ago
@Zoe I have basically the same situation as u i'm 11. u should have training bras, i feel much more comfortable wearing them rn :)
230 days ago
@aliah i'm not super experienced in this i'm a middle school girl lol but i think u NEED a training bra.
247 days ago
Then let her lol 🥱
254 days ago
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254 days ago
I am 52 years old and I still wear a training bra my bro hurts me a lot but my breasts don't grow I'm a 34A so what am I supposed to
262 days ago
Guys im 13 and I want a bra
But I don't know how to ask her since we have never talked about that stuff and I have got my period an year ago and I still wear crop tops how do u think I could ask my mom without actually directly asking her
282 days ago
Aliah just say mum im starting to grow up now and I fink im geting to the point were i need a bra after al
288 days ago
hey can someone tell me whether i need a training bra or not?
lots of dots
around stage 3 breast development
currently wear crop tops
jiggles lots
when i wear the crop tops you can see my nipples

i hope you can help!
297 days ago
So again yep u need one but remember about wanting as well
297 days ago
Okay so thinking about it since you are matured enough I guess yea but it still depends about your wanting so in 13 and a half and I have gotten my periods a year ago but I really do need but I don't want it so I don't have one cuz I don't want so remember its about wanting and needing .... If u want as well as need go ahead .... But yeah if u want seeing ur results you could start wearing
300 days ago
pls help me guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
300 days ago
I'm really scared about asking my mom about a bra and I'm afraid of her response and everything else
300 days ago
feeling very self counsis and left out!
300 days ago
im 10 yrs and have a little hair down there
300 days ago
help pls doo I need a bra! I think I do but my mom thinks there silly and unless you need a bra don't wear one
305 days ago
im literally only ten and I already wear bras :0