Are You Ready for a Training Bra? Quiz

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Most girls start wearing a training bra from ages 8 to 14.

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405 days ago
Can someone tell if i need a bra
I think my 😘 are bigger than my friends, and sometimes my nipples show through my shirt.
Im 12 and a half
All my friends were sports bras, and some wera cup bras
413 days ago
Can someone pls tell me if I need a training bra
So like I have breast buds they don't poke through my shirt.But if you look closely you can see my nipples through my shirt.I also have public hair.Im 10 and a half.All my friends were a training bra.
419 days ago
My mom said that I should wear one
422 days ago
I need a bra because when ever I wear a shirt my nibbles show from under the shirt and some of my friends wear some
442 days ago
Yeh u should start wearing a bra same as u I just started wearing one
443 days ago
i am 11 now and my buds really hurt my mom is starting to talk a little about how i might need to start wearing a bra
450 days ago
I’m confused what’s the difference between crop tops and training bras and sports bras? I’m nearly 12 I just got my first bra and my 😶😶 have just started to poke through my shirts. I recommend you do get one to be prepared for when you need one a lot.
If you’re scared to ask your mum just send her a text.

Best wishes
Star girl
450 days ago
hey I’m not saying my name.......... hmm i dont really think you need it right away .. u can maybe wait for anoth 2 weeks like that ... in the meantime start wearing crop tops ....
450 days ago
hey guys....... so actually i am confused whether i need a training bra so can anyone help me out

so actually i have got my period 6 months ago
i am gonna turn 13 in 2 months
my 😶😶poke out from every dress i wear
they are throbbing like more than hell
so can anyone tell if i actually need a traiing bra ?
452 days ago
Actually I’ve managed on my own I texted my mum and said. Hey mama, sometime soon can I get a training bra? I don’t know how you feel about this, can you let me know. 😁 And she said Sure. I can take you shopping for that.

As easy as that!
454 days ago
Please guys help this is urgent and I know you guys have all been through it so please help!!!!
456 days ago
I also got 50% by the way
457 days ago
I’m 11 turning 12 in August.
My 😶 slightly poke through a loose top and poke through a tight top
No period
No acne but a few spots
Lots of hair “down there”

Do you guys think I need a training bra or something if you do how should I ask for one?
458 days ago
Not saying I dont know how you could ask but you probably need a sports or training bra! What you are describing is the same as me and I just got a training and sports bra!
465 days ago
Okay this is not great there are eight year olds taking this test! I’m 11 I haven’t got a bra yet it is not cool that kids wear bras because there friends do or because they want to and there parents give them everything they want sometimes girls do actually need them at a young age but only a few people do my friend is younger then me and has bras she does not need them at all she just thinks it’s cool lol!?! Okay i actually need one and to think an 8 year old is taking this test that’s not cool if you need a bra you need a bra you don’t need a test. So why am I here my friends sitting beside me making me take this lol 😝 she thinks I need a bra!
469 days ago
Idk why it has blue at the end, ignore it
469 days ago
Stuff about me

No bra, want one
🐱 hair-only a bit
Noticable 🦄s, kinda big
Nipples poke through shirts
Weird big lump under nipple
No period
No 💝s
Light leg hair, noticable
No acne, a few spots tho

Girls yall have been through this, please help! I want a bra idk how to ask
473 days ago
I did this just out of curiosity. My 🏀🏀 poke out of some shirts but I am scared to ask my mom because she might say I don't need a bra but I am self concision as heck. I do gymnastics and my leo shows my 🏀🏀 a bit so I'm constantly worried.
516 days ago
Little turtle no not yet but sometimes she will joke about it and says that I am not getting one til I am 12 but I need one now but once my aunt said I need one (btw I am 10 about to be 11)
533 days ago
So basicall i am 11 i havexstage 2 breast buds and my breast hurt a lot duribg pe

Anwhsy i adked my mom and sge said no and i feel like i need a lot of support with my 💝 and an very uncomfortabe

Btw i dont know did your mom get you a bra???