Are You Ready for a Training Bra? Quiz

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Most girls start wearing a training bra from ages 8 to 14.

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846 days ago
Hi kat
Shall I say you something I have finished 12 and am gonna turn 13 I still do not have a training bra my breasts are throbbing so much
Yours is not at all a problem
My mom has never talked about puberty so it is hard to ask too
Once your breasts are very tender and throbbing a lot ask your mom and say the problem
Don't worry I am sure your mom will know when to buy you a bra
Stay happy as a kiddo
858 days ago
I’m turning 11 in a few weeks. This weekend my father asked my my mother if I needed a bra. This has happened before. My mom replied that I just have buds, but I don’t really know. She is from a country where bras aren’t as idk... she claims she never wore them until she moved here (in her 20’s). Ik you probably don’t believe me, but that’s what she says, anyway. So I honestly don’t know what to do. All my friends have bras... by the way we’re in grade 5 almost 6. They had them since 3rd. Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed since I’m the only one that doesn’t have one. I don’t have the courage to ask my mom because, well, I know she would laugh and tell me I don’t need one. My friends are taller than me and are each like at ten lbs heavier than me. That could be a factor. My mom isn’t really a “mommy” person. It’s more of my dad. He’s the one that took me to get my ears pierced lol. But I feel even weirder asking him. Idk what to do. I can’t tell if I need a bra. And whenever it comes up my mom basically says I don’t need one. She thinks I don’t want one either, but I kinda do since everyone else is wearing them. All my friends wear them, mostly training and sports bras. Some where actual cup sizes. Honestly, what should I do?
(Just realizing I wrote an essay...)
862 days ago
Hi I am 9 years old and a half I got 50% I don't know how to ask my mom please help me! I already did once and she bought me one but I got embarrassed and threw it out now what!??!!
863 days ago
Help PLEASE! Respond! PLEASE!
863 days ago
I am 9 I got 70% I am embarrassed! Help me ask my mom please! So embarrassing and scary.
863 days ago
uhhhm it says i need one now! i really don’t want to ask because they aren’t even that big
869 days ago
I got 60% tho...
So how do I tell my mom??!!
869 days ago
Just turned 11 a few days ago. Took some different tests and the all day I need a-b size...
I'm just too shy to ask my mom does anyone have a good suggestions on how I should ask my mom??!!
877 days ago
Just some advice (again, sorry for the username), if you've started developing and it's visible, say something. If not, you'll get embarrassed and traumatized for the rest of you life. Honestly, I wasn't that great either, however, now I know and am able to share what happens. Aches in the chest might mean you are developing, once you are certain that you're starting puberty, consult a female adult (biologically female) or doctor and they will address what is happening, the pains may be something other.
877 days ago
I can't delete my 💝 comment or change my user-
877 days ago
My username is cringey and inappropriate af-apologies
877 days ago
I'm 10 and I started wearing actual bras' when I was six Imao
881 days ago
I'm 12 and got : 50% I should start wearing a training bra ig..
893 days ago
Can someone help me how do I tell my mom I need one it says I really need one help!!
902 days ago
Can someone tell me how to tall my step mom i kinda need one
928 days ago
Haha, it says years away. I wear one.
928 days ago
i got 70 i am close and 11 years old if i need one i am going to be to shy to ask my mom
942 days ago
I told my mother to buy me a bra and she agreed. Now I am wearing a 30B bra
948 days ago
Okay hope it say correctly
954 days ago
Me : 11 got 50 % ..... yeah