Are you ready for wearing a training bra? Quiz

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Most girls start wearing a training bra at the ages

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8 days ago
Lol I'm 12 idk why I took this I'm already a d cup using an underwire lol
11 days ago
I'm 11 and I already use a training bra. I think I'm a b cup, I can't remeber. I honestly took this for fun. Cool quiz tho for the girls who don't know what to do when it comes to bras!
13 days ago
It said I really need a training bra., I asked my mom once she said no..I will ask her when we go to Walmart maybe
23 days ago
im 9 and the quiz says i need a bra but i really dont know how to ask for one
26 days ago
im nine and i already have BILLIONS of bras but i jus took this jus because
36 days ago
I got a training bra when I was 12 and I'm still wearing them but they are getting really tight, I did the test and it said I got 50% like ugh
38 days ago
I’m nine and I got 60% my thirteen year old sister got her first bra a few months a ago, so I tried it on and its tooo big and it the medium size so I feel like I don’t need one. But I do
44 days ago
I’m 9 I got and I got 70 so I’ll ask my mom for a training bra pretty soon!
50 days ago
1. I'm 11.
2. Yes it moves .
3. I feel tenderness
4. I think I need a training bra because I am going to be 12 yrs old next month and I think I am ready to get one.
50 days ago
I got 50% (I am 11 going on 12 next month btw) so I really need a bra😬😳
66 days ago
I got 50 percent and I soooo need a bra0!!
66 days ago
I’m only 8 and I got 60% I really need them tho but my mom will tell EVERYONE BELLA GOT A BRA SHES GROWING SO FAST I think I’m going to tell her today tho
89 days ago
Kookoo Bannanas

Yeah so I need more info you can scroll down to see what type of info I need
93 days ago
Hi I think I have breast buds. 9 years old. do u need more info or do I like need a training bra?
95 days ago
Anyone know why they hurt so bad after you touch them?
95 days ago
I’m like in between stage 2 and 1 but they are very tender it told me I won’t get one for a couple years lol
104 days ago
oh yeah i need one but my mom WILL TELL EVERYONE "OMG MY DAUGHTER GOT A BRA SHE IS GROWING SO FAST" and all that other things.
124 days ago
Oh yeah it's gonna be 1 year for development btw
128 days ago
40% now, 40% almost ready. I should probably get 1 soon
132 days ago