Are you ready for a REAL bra? Do you need one? Quiz

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I’m now making a quiz to test if you are ready for a real bra with cups! I hope it’s accurate. If not please no hate comments. I’m sorry if it’s not accurate!

  • 1
    So... have your 💗 grown at all?
  • 2
    What bra size are you currently? If you don’t wear a bra then choose aaa-aa?
  • 3
    What bra size SHOULD you wear? (The one that fits, not necessarily the one you wear now) Be honest or the results won’t be accurate?

  • 4
    What shape are your 💗?
  • 5
    This may be awkward but... Is the nipple bulging?
  • 6
    Press down on your breasts. Is there a quarter sized bump underneath?

  • 7
    Are there dots around the areola?
  • 8
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 9
    Which stage are you most similar to?
    Which stage are you most similar to?
  • 10
    Did you like the quiz? Doesn’t count?

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9 days ago
Hi, my thdyveh look like stage 3, they don’t jiggle tho, I hav a training bra, but I’m running out, I want to ask my mom to get me some more, but I’m scared. What should I do?
13 days ago
I’m 10 I have a AA cup basically a padded training bra everyone in my class wore one and I didn’t have one I was finally not getting dressed in a toilet cubicle when my mum got me a bra it was awkward but I feel way better now. Just do what feels best, if you think you need one then just tell your mum or ask her if your not sure! Remember, every girl starts growing 💗 at some time in their life, so when it happens to you, don’t worry! If your worried, tell a trusted adult so they can help you.
16 days ago
None of my friends started yet. I don't want one. Help! What do i do?
16 days ago
It's okay. I'm at the same stage too. i understand. I don't want on either. I feel bad for the rest of you. Who wants a bra anyway?
16 days ago
I am almost 11 and I need a bra, but I don't want one. NONE of my friends wear one. I feel, will, scared. I don't how the boys will react when they see me in them. It's just so weird. My mom got me 2, i wore them, but It feels wear! I can't take it anymore! I think I'm around stage 2.
19 days ago
Yes, mine jiggle when I go downstairs they jiggle and it REALLY hurts. Even when I bump them by accident it hurts it is very uncomfortable.
25 days ago
HELP i am 10 and I REALLY need a cup bra so my mom got me one and it’s to small then she got me another and it’s still TOO SMALL my 💗 jiggle so badly at PE and my b 💗 are bigger than an 8 TH GRADERS I wear a training bra but it doesn’t help at all and my 💗 hand and it’s SO ANNOYING. They show throw my shirt and I NEED HELP!!!
28 days ago
I woud give u advice Boo boobut sadly i am also in your position but with stage 3 tits.soooo
40 days ago
I'm stage 3 and my training bras aren't doing there job how do I ask my mom for a soft cup bra?
54 days ago
Yea random mine jiggle so i only wear a sports bra at home when i workout. its ok to ask. if i wear a sports bra to school in pe i run with my arms across my chest like black panther lol
54 days ago
lilly if u got a older sis try hers on and show ur mom that cqn wear it. Me and my 15 yr old sis wear the same size because i stole one of her b bras lol. And then she gave me some of hers.
54 days ago
Same Jasmine I wear a C and i'm 11 and been wearing them since I was 10
57 days ago
I need a C cup bra. I was not expecting that.
76 days ago
I’m 11 and kinda want a padded bra lol
80 days ago
Also, (tmi) but sometimes my nips poke out and I feel weird about it. I think a cup bra would help but I’m too afraid to ask
80 days ago
Hey! I don’t know if I need a bra yet all my friends are so mean about it so I couldn’t ask them, anyways my band size is 26 and my cup size is 29.5 please be honest, shouldn’t I get a cup bra?
96 days ago
I’m 11 and I’m already a d + so you are definitely not the weirdo here
106 days ago
hi iam 12 years old i have large breasts all the time i am crying about my self i look at peoples it seems small i look at me is large i hated myself from that thing i wish i have ting breasts i wear bra 36c or bigger i dont i am lost how to choose a bra my mother dont know in this thing i hated everthing in this life i hope a have small breasts i hated the big one and no know in my family about bra i don t how to get a bra guys i am lost and messed up guys please may help me
112 days ago
Can someone tell me what stage I should start wearing a bra Bc I think I’m on stage four but my mom think I’m still to small snd I’m thirteen like I wear a bra l Size that is too big just so I don’t look too weird
120 days ago
My 🐡 are on stage 3 ish 4 and it said I need a small cup bra I am only TEN. At PE they jiggle a lot my mom keeps buying me training bras. But my 🌿 still jiggle BADLY. In them. I want to wear sports bra they don’t jigggle in those, but she said I need more sport because they are growing fast. All my friends are flat. what do I do? I wear deodorant and I shave. I have thigh to thigh madness down their it shows through my bathing suit. I have a little acne too. No period or discharge yet but it’s coming soon I think. My ❤️ are really pointy and they jiggle. They are really tender too. THEY HURT SOOO BADLY. PLEASE HELPPPPPPP.