Are you ready for a REAL bra? Do you need one? Quiz

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This is a quiz to tell you if you're ready for a real bra with cups! If it's not accurate for you, I apologize. Please, no hate comments.

  • 1
    So... have your breasts 💗 grown at all?
  • 2
    What bra size are you currently? If you don’t wear a bra, choose AAA or AA.
  • 3
    What bra size SHOULD you wear? (The one that fits you, not necessarily the one you wear now.) Be honest, or the results won’t be accurate.

  • 4
    What shape are your breasts?💗
  • 5
    This might be awkward, the nipple bulging?
  • 6
    Press down on your breasts. Is there a quarter-sized bump underneath?

  • 7
    Are there dots around the areola?
  • 8
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 9
    Which stage are you at? You can be approximate.
    Which stage are you at? You can be approximate.
  • 10
    Did you like the quiz? Your answer does not affect your score.

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48 days ago
Hey stella what your bf's doing is abuse tell him to stop or go to the police it's legal to sue people who assault (my moms a cop that's the advice she gave)
50 days ago
Hi guys!
Great quiz!
Let's just say that I have pretty big cherries. Boys love to touch them, and act like they do that so accident.Girls grab them and make me jump up and down naked and and my cherries hurt and jiggle. They also pinch my butt. They stopped now, so I'm fine.
92 days ago
Hi stella.. You should tell him what he's doing wrong and if he doesn't listen then don't stay with him. This is very abusive and wrong. There is no reason to stay with him anymore. Find someone who loves you, not just for your b**bs , someone who loves you for you.
103 days ago
you should tell your boyfriend to stop doing that.
107 days ago
hey…I need advise. my boyfriend is using me for by chest. he always squishes my b*00bs and🐬my n1pples and whenever I say I love you he says yeah yeah and continues playing with my body. I’m only 15 and my breasts are sore from all that
120 days ago
I am 10 years old almost stage 4 . It hurts when I jump . also when I get hurt on my b**bs . I want to ask my mom for a bra but we don't talk about this and I feel akward saying this to her . any ideas?
124 days ago
‘Are you ready for a REAL bra? Do you need one? Quiz

You are overdue! You have needed a cup bra for a long time now! Girls normally start wearing cup bras from size a-b. If this is you, you need a cup bra! You are beautiful no matter what!’

My mum doesn’t like bras she only likes the gym bras or padded vest so my bad boys are gonna be shown until I can buy my self some bras bc I am only 10 but my 💝 are almost as big as my mum (started period already)
173 days ago
My boobies are huge and I can’t find a bra anywhere so i go around without them
My cherries are really squishy they could be fidget toys squishies
My boyfriend says they are the worlds best squishies
185 days ago
Why is nobody writing cherries or boobies? I’m only 11 but I need a bra so bad and I haven’t got one that fits at home. My moms bras are tiny on me and my bikini is too. When I jump they wobble and my boyfriend says they are super bouncy.
186 days ago
hey hi u can always write ur mom a note
204 days ago 10 and a stage three and i am literally obsessed with my 🌻. i feel like i need a cup bra but i dobt know how to ask my mum because we dont really talk about this sorta stuff. help?
205 days ago
@Pink Skies
are you the same pink skies from the 100% accurate period quiz??
205 days ago
and im too scared to ask my dad.. (parents JUST split up)
205 days ago
apparently i need a cupped bra now, i just got training ones tho-
205 days ago
I am nine i am an early bloomer i have noticed that my chest is bigger than most of the kids in my class and some of the kids other older grades
213 days ago
im 10 and stage 3. i dont know how to tell my mom i want a real bra or at leadt a bigger one
222 days ago

Ok, so definetley you need a bra, cause stage 4 is pretty much nearly stage 5 and they are adult breasts. Mine where like stage 2.4 when I was 10 lol. But everyone matures at diff. rates :D

Measure yourself and match a bra size, and try on one at the store!
224 days ago
I’m 10, but one if my breasts is stage 5 and the other is stage 4. Do I need a bra? 😭
240 days ago
Im 13 I deffo need one. I wear a training one but I fall out of it all the time and it’s embarrassing. I measured and I should be a 32D. Idk if I should get underwire or not.
247 days ago
To: As it was lol

You need a bra and you are defenetly not in stage 1-2. your in stage 3 or 4. just show your mom your chest. just a quick "under the tank top thing" and tell her that you have entered puberty (and well into it too). if not ask ur older sister or aunt or even dad.