Do you need a bra?

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If you are between the ages of 10 -14 and wonder if you need a bra yet, I recommend you take this test. (This is just an estimate)

  • 1
    Have you entered puberty yet?
  • 2
    Do you wear a training bra?
  • 3
    If you jump up and down do your breasts hurt?

  • 4
    Has your mum or a friend said you need a bra?
  • 5
    Measure just below your breasts, pulling the tape measure tight. Now measure at the fullest part of your breast (don't pull tight). Now subtract the first measurement from the second. What is the difference?
  • 6
    What stage are your breasts at?

  • 7
    Do your friends wear bras?
  • 8
    How big are your breasts compared to your friends?
  • 9
    How old are you?
  • 10
    Do you think you need a bra?

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13 days ago
wassup.... hellllooooooooooo
14 days ago
I need a bra iam 15 year old my 🕊 very big
28 days ago
Anyone who is nervous and doesn’t know how to ask for a bra, here are some tips.
Some people find that asking though a text is easier.
When you go shopping lead your parent or whoever is with you over to the bra section
Ask them once a week
If you are shopping and see a bra tell your parent that you really like it and beg them for it
Say your nipples are hurting and you need one
Say all your friends have one and you feel really left out.
Hope this helps girlies
36 days ago
I don't know that but this told I am ready .
53 days ago
I am turning 10 in a month so I thought I would take this and it said that I need a training/sports bra but I am too scared to ask for a bra so I just have to hope for the best LOL
57 days ago
i had 4-5 months! ur so lucky arabella :-
58 days ago
@arabella ingram its ok! some peopke wish they had that! but i get it its not fun. but look on the upside your clothes especially short tops look WAY BETTER with breasts trust me ! ly
58 days ago
i have my period and i wear A cup! i'm 10 for gods sake!
underwired bras are not recommended for under 15?
i'm wearing an underwired bra!!
70 days ago
95% of preteens and teens wear the wrong bra size.
81 days ago
Lol welp 36 A now 10 year old
83 days ago
“Underwired bras are not recommended to under 15 year olds”????
Hol up
I’ve been wearing wire bras since I was 10-11... and my 14th bday is next month...
115 days ago
My friends all are pretty flat and only one has gotten her period. I am really big compared to them and I am on regular periods.
156 days ago
I have done another 5 tests before this and all of them said i need a bra apart from this one its a bad quiz
180 days ago
i can fit a 32a, but my measurements say 30aa. I think its that the brand is a smaller brand.
190 days ago
@SummerLeo_XD, try a padded bra. That is what I use and works great!
ps. If it’s Hanes, they might use small, medium, large sizes instead of A, B, C sizes.
198 days ago
my mum has said before that im like a AA-AAA sized bra but cuz if covid i haven't had it fitted so im not sure tbh
209 days ago


I took the quiz again...and I get the same results!! But, I am FINALLY at stage 3 breasts and my mom says I need more bras because I only wear two. My breasts have also been a little jiggly and hurt a little when I jump or do crazy movements. I'll probably post again when I acually get a soft cup bra. What type of bras do you think I should wear?
212 days ago
Actually, I have only ever worn sports bras and it sounds like you Anonymous needs a bra so it’s easy. Just explain to ur mom or trusted adult that it’s uncomfortable without a bra. Explain you really need one. Or buy one your self if you have money.
217 days ago
For everyone wondering on how to ask your mum for one here is how. This worked for me:

Go to the mall and to a shop which has bras aswell as clothes. Go in there with ur mum and pretend you want to see the clothes. Once you see a bra that will fit u just ask your mum if you can get one. That part is scary but if you dont even try you will 100% not get it. So dont be afraid to ask. You will be happy you asked. Hopefully she will let you get it. I asked and then i got some :)
243 days ago
You probably need a bra. Talk to a trusted adult if you din't have one yet. You should probably go for a bra fitting quite soon. Underwired bras are not recommended for under 15 year olds.

I am in 11th and not wearing a bra so can anyone please tell me a way to ask about this to mu mom