When Should I Start Wearing a Bra? Quiz

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If you're between the ages of 10 and 14 and wonder if you need a bra yet, I recommend that you take this test. The result is just an estimate.

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    Have you entered puberty yet?
    Have you entered puberty yet?

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8 days ago
It says i need a sports bra.
I am scared about getting my period.
I have no armpit hair , but a little down there.
I have discharge and all my friends have their periods.
20 days ago
It said i needed a training bra. I'm nervous to ask my mom tho.
45 days ago
I'm 12 and this said I might need one
( I'm only taking this Quizz be cause of my friend)
51 days ago
I am twelve
Wear a crop top but needs proper bra
Has had period
Has armpit hair and hair down there
87 days ago
how do i ask my mom for a bra im ten
87 days ago
i feel weird because A LOT of 4th graders like ME wear a BRA
206 days ago
My 🌼 hurt so BAD LIKE BRO WTH, stage 4, 14, all my friends wear bras but like 2 lol I can't even do a simple star jump or a jog, mum has pointed out I need a bra but she doesn't take me shopping and I am so not asking 💀 anyways hope you guys found what you were looking for x
257 days ago
Thank you for helming me to now wen to wear a bra
298 days ago
I happy to talk about it because the girls in my class laugh at me.
300 days ago
I really enjoyed talking to someone about this because it is very weird to wear a bra because every time people always ask me how did they start to grow and how can they make theirs grou a little bit like me so it's very weird
362 days ago
please reply and tell me if i need a training bra for my other comment right below

Other facts:

i have armpit hair and hair down there
362 days ago
My mom thinks my breasts haven't started growing yet. My breasts show out when I wear t shirts and they jiggle when I run and they hurt so much. yes i'm stage 3 but my breasts are big. almost as big gas stage 5. i secretly tried on one of my mom's bras and they fit really tightly. i think im a c cup but my mom hardly thinks i need a training bra. My cousin's old training bras almost suffocate me and a cup might destroy my breasts.

365 days ago
Am i the only one with a lot smaller 🏀🏀 than my friends lol. My friends think they are so old weraing crop tops and stuff. Anyone else have the same problem
369 days ago
to: everyone. hey girls, i understand your problem, if you think your ready for a cup bra you should first measure your self, if you don't know how than you could search the web for some instructions and once you've identified your bra size than you could go shopping for a bra with someone. if your mom doesn't agree, or if your too shy than you could ask someone who your comfortable with, like your aunt or best friend, or older sister or even an older cousin, places like marks and spencer's and h&m are great places for a first bra. if your looking for really pretty girly ones than you should try Victoria's secret they are a bit expensive but they are good quality.
hoped this helped xx
from: i can help you
376 days ago
i think im a d cup im 12
but i STILL dont wear a bra, too scared to ask for 1
💝 jiggle and everyone can see
376 days ago
hi girls
my 🏀🏀 jiggle
buds show thru shirt
feel ppl looKing
please helppp
380 days ago
Hy girls
I don't have period s but only discharge I am 11 and I am a twin so my sister doesn't have boig 🕊 but I do and I have to get periods fast
380 days ago
I keep telling my mom but she says no

Like my 💑 grew
381 days ago
my 🏀🏀 jiggle
nipples show
feel people looking
breast buds show thru shirt
381 days ago
should i let a guy touch my breasts with my consent