When Should I Start Wearing a Bra? Quiz

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If you're between the ages of 10 and 14 and wonder if you need a bra yet, I recommend that you take this test. The result is just an estimate.

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    Have you entered puberty yet?
    Have you entered puberty yet?

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383 days ago
I want to ask my mom for a bra i am shy what should i do
386 days ago
Hi, so im stage 2, and my nipples show through some shirts depending in the thickness, and ones a bit bigger than the other...my mom doesnt think i need one but i think i do. i might ask her about it later but im really insecure since im 11 and im 1-2 years into puberty and im still stage 2. i hate this.
404 days ago
I think this is very accurate, btw, I told my mom (more like hinted) that "it" started (puberty) but she didn't get it, what do I do? I've had all signs but not my period.
417 days ago
Yeah I wouldn't think that I need a bra now maybe 13 years
417 days ago
I think I can over came my fears
417 days ago
Yes I do think I need a bra but I still wear training bra's
436 days ago
I just started puberty and idk if I need a bra I'm ten btw
438 days ago
Yeh probably text your mum and ask for a training or sports bra
440 days ago
i have like rly small ๐Ÿ˜ and im like 1-2 years into puberty soooo
do i need one?
446 days ago
I need one bit I already wear one so yeah! ๐Ÿ’•
BTW do u like Blondie too? Reply if you do Xx ๐Ÿ’•
471 days ago
Replying to @me
I believe you need maybe a padded sports bra.
If you do not have any bras now, ask a trusted adult or friend. If you have some pain, i believe that padded bras are best, but again, i donโ€™t think u need soft cups, and if you donโ€™t feel pain, you could try a normal sports bra, or preferably a smaller padded one. Good luck xx
471 days ago
replying to betty (user 01138)
yes, it's best to get a bra.
i recommend a sports bra or a soft cup bra since it minimises the jiggling and pain. it also provides more coverage so that your *ahem* pOiNtS don't show through your clothes. you have already surpassed the training bra stage. congrats! if ur embarrassed to ask your mom (yes its perfectly normal and fine), u can make it casual, like ask her at a store when you're near the bra section, or just ask her at the dinner table. you can even just leave a note where only your mom will see. if you think none of these will work, maybe send her a text if you have a phone. hope this helps!
474 days ago
Do I need a bra?

๐Ÿ’‘ jiggle when I do sports
๐Ÿ’‘ show through my clothes
๐Ÿ’‘ hurt when i touch them
477 days ago
do you think I need a bra?
479 days ago
replying to Emily (user 50513)
i recommend u get a bra, but if it doesn't really show through your shirt you don't need to, but i still think you should get a bra since your ๐Ÿš” are already at stage three. I recommend a training/sports bra if they go up and down so it minimises the pain and jiggling. hope this helps
480 days ago
Hey guys do I need a bra?
My parents are a bit strick
My ๐Ÿ˜ถ hurt a lot even just a touch
They go up and down when I am running
It doesn't really show through my shirt because I am fat
They are stage three
I am 11 years old
They are average compared to my friends
484 days ago
hey guys what type of bra do i need
stage 2-3
nipples VERY VISIBLE through shirts
like theres some fat around the nipple
10 yrs old (bigger than all my friends)
493 days ago
Luna hi its normal for ur breasts to be different sizes mine where when I was around ur age like my nipple was firm on one side and I was flat on the other. But I'm 12 turning 13 now and they r both firm and stage 3 I think
498 days ago
Uhm Im still scared to ask for oneeee help pweaseeeeeee
501 days ago
Unknown 11 year old u should ask ur mom