When Should I Start Wearing a Bra? Quiz

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If you're between the ages of 10 and 14 and wonder if you need a bra yet, I recommend that you take this test. The result is just an estimate.

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    Have you entered puberty yet?
    Have you entered puberty yet?

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460 days ago
462 days ago
It says I need a training bra or sports bra but I’m scared to ask for one what do I do is there a way to ask without really telling her? Or without talking or any Interaction?
485 days ago
That's a good quiz
488 days ago
I want to wear a bra but I am to shy to ask my mom any advice. I think I need to wear one
501 days ago
How do I ask my mom? I am from Us in Vegas
507 days ago
I need a sports bra but shy to ask my mom. What can i do? I am from Malaysia. I had a 😍l discharge last year nearing my period!
508 days ago
I feel i need a sports bra but i am sh to ask
509 days ago
But I’m to shy to ask you know what I mean😳😫
509 days ago
I need a training bra or a sports bra

Sorry I’m not saying my name
I might later 😂😅
515 days ago
515 days ago
529 days ago
Hey everyone! I don't actually ened a bra. I'm 55 years old working at Apple as a software engineer. Just perusing the comments :)
540 days ago
Dear nina,
I do get what you’re going through. I am 11, and have been wearing a bra for 2 years. If you need to know what to say, here.
“Mom? As you may be able to tell, I am getting a little older and I’m growing physically. You maybe know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, I just want to ask if I can maybe have a training bra? If you say no, I completely understand, but I just want you to know that I’m getting to a point where I kind of need one. Thanks for understanding!”
If she says yes:
“Thanks so much! I am so glad that I have a mom who is accepting and understands the changes I am going through.”
If she says no:
“ I completely understand. Maybe I can wait a few more months because I don’t need one urgently.”
Sorry it’s so long! But I hope you find this helpful and see it!
541 days ago
I need a bra. Mine is 4 inches larger than my ribcage
546 days ago
I am mostly worried because of how the nipple size has gotten and the rest hasn't growing at all. But when anything presses they get sore and i don't know if a bra would work because sometimes my shirt even bother me
549 days ago
the quiz says i need a training bra but im scared to ask for one
562 days ago
Sad emo 10 year old, you should face your fear and ask your mum for a training bra! I did quite a few times and she said not yet then one day I got so much breast pain I kept on complaining then she got me some

Good luck!
562 days ago
I'm 13 I have training bra that's getting tight, I think my breasts are in stage 3
I measured my chest and it was 28" should I ask my mum for a bra? Do I need a bra?
593 days ago
I think l will need a bra when lm form 1-2 in high school
593 days ago
my mom says i don’t need a bra, but i think I’ll need a sports/training bra soon and this quiz says so too. idk my size but it’s in the middle of 0.5 inch and 1 inch. soooooo what should i do?? asking for a friend. btw i’m 10