When Should I Start Wearing a Bra? Quiz

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If you're between the ages of 10 and 14 and wonder if you need a bra yet, I recommend that you take this test. The result is just an estimate.

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    Have you entered puberty yet?
    Have you entered puberty yet?

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596 days ago
I need a sport bra or training bra but I am only almost ten to scared to ask what do I do?!
611 days ago
I would also like to state the fact that it’s okay to not be able to wear bras or if u need one when ur like 10. I needed one when I was ten and it helped a lot. I get it might be uncomfortable talking about it with your mom so I suggest u call a friend who wears them (or something similar) or maybe an older cousin. Anyone who u think can help. Now stay safe and have a nice day/night!
611 days ago
@Helpful girl I get you. My nips poke out all the time, and nobody even says anything! Even though I just wear training bras, I would definitely like a little padding!
616 days ago
I also need padding as my buds are growing, they hurt to touch 😣
616 days ago
This quiz is a bit off. While I don’t need support, I need a padded A cup bra. Why? Because I swear. EVERY SINGLE SPORTS BRA I SEE HAS NO PADDING! Training bras are not an option as I have a 1 inch difference. While 1 inch seems small, the training bras my mom buys are meant for those who have under .5 inch.
629 days ago
@baba, normally periods come after other states of puberty as far as I know, I got mine 2.5 years after wearing training bras, and I had dark-ish hair on my 😻 (not the hole, the front) for about 1.5-2 years. Cramps can be from your period or physical activity, and even after getting your period that confusion happens. Hope this helps!
629 days ago
So I am 13, and I think I might need to get a sport bra or soemthing since my training bras are a tad tight. When I get one, or even a cup bra, do I need to get cupped swimsuits? I wear those one-piece racing style ones, and I feel quite comfy in them, so idk, they don't feel too tight, but when I first get them, they are a bit tight and once I go swimming they fit well :)
631 days ago
Hello I’m Not Telling My Name! I started trying bras when I was 10, but I bought my own ones when I was round 11. I don’t use frequently as even if I may need due to my 🐬 getting larger, they bring me pain & discomfort. If your mom got her bras at 12, then she got them at that age. Just ask her about getting a bra if you feel REALLY need one.
631 days ago
Hello Baba! I am not a pro but I’ve had cramps like those since I was nine, so I might be able to help!

If the cramps are in the middle (right over your part), it might be something with your bladder.
If it’s on the right or left side, it might actually be your body that’s getting ready to release an egg.
636 days ago
I am scared my period will start soon is that normal??
636 days ago
hi I’m 9 and just turned 9 btw I have training bras and am getting cramps under my tummy a lot recently am I starting early puberty?? Just asking for a friend.
651 days ago
I just found out that I should be wearing a little bit of a padded bra but I don't where bras
652 days ago
I need a Training bra but I can't tell my mom because I feel to young I am 10years old and my mom got her 1st bra at 12 What should I do?
681 days ago
I am 10 and I am in a cup bra
686 days ago
Email me about your puberty and period problems! If you send anything inappropriate (periods
And puberty are not inappropriate) you will be blocked and I will delete my email! This is my old email address so I will delete it. Please email me if you have and questions about puberty, periods, boys, bras, discharge, products, mood swings and anything related to this! Hope to see you there! Sorry about the spaces. It wouldn't let me post otherwise. Put all the words together to get my email. It's down below ⬇️
686 days ago
makena pace @ gmail .com
686 days ago
CHELS): I suggest you try and talk to your mom, she loves you and wants to be a part of this stage in your life! But if you can't then I would try to talk to your aunt or older sister/cousin. Make sure she's female! Don't go behind anyone's back. Don't be afraid to talk to someone! Periods and puberty bond women everywhere! Tell your trusted female adult you chose that you think your ready for a real bra and products. She will understand! Whatever you do do NOT go through this alone!! Your bff is not the best person to talk to. Please know that I understand! Eat popcorn and oatmeal cookies! Those are great period foods! I will be praying for your mom! You can come to me if you need anyone to talk to! Take a relaxing bath and read a nice book! It's probably about that time for you again! Please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! You may feel alone sometimes but girls all around the world feel the same way you do!
692 days ago
hi I am 10 I am wearing a cup bra
697 days ago
umm no offence but why is the quiz repeating itself and l don't really know if I need a bra and I don't have a growth spurt
711 days ago
Hi, I’m 11 and in my training bra my nipples can still poke out, what should I do?