When Should I Start Wearing a Bra? Quiz

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If you're between the ages of 10 and 14 and wonder if you need a bra yet, I recommend that you take this test. The result is just an estimate.

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    Have you entered puberty yet?
    Have you entered puberty yet?

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713 days ago
my mom has been too sick to talk to.. but my breasts are poking through and I'm on my period... I haven't told anyone about it. I'm currently 11 and it said i needed a bra. WHAT DO I DO.
720 days ago
Hi what size bra am I

My underbust measurement is 27”

And the largest part if my chest is 33”

I think I might be a 28E but I’m not sure whether that’s a proper size I currently wear a 30a and the band fits but the cup is way to small. I think I should be either a 30b or 30c
721 days ago
i got a bra at 8 lmao but i was chubby so they were bigger but yeah
736 days ago
I told my mother to get me a bra and yes she agreed. Now I am wearing a 30B bra
736 days ago
IDK if this is the same one but just in case, I’m staying Anonymous. 😌Just so everything will stay calm.😌
736 days ago
Wait I think I recognize the name Leah 😯I had a big fight with a girl named Leah 😔 I want to keep anonymous. 😑😬
736 days ago
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Do you need a bra?
You probably need a training bra or maybe a sports bra. Talk to a trusted adult when you think you are ready for a proper one. Everyone grows at different times.:)

Take this quiz: Do you need a bra?
738 days ago
I turned 11 a month ago I started my period last year and I’m at stage 4
742 days ago
I'm 10 I started puberty at 7 I have stage 4 ❤️ and I'm suuuuuuuper close to getting my period
758 days ago

my mom said that I should really get a sports or training bra ( she also looked at my breasts she said they are tender and growing! Wish me luck gowing through puberty all girls go through this eeekkkkkkk ( btw im 11 )
758 days ago
I am getting into stage 3 and my nipples are poking through some of my shirts some of my friends wear bras. what do i do get a bra im kinda embarassed to ask for one but the test said i should wear a training/sports bra im gonna tell my mom that my nipples hurt when i touch them and when jump up and down to me they kinda giggel ( its true ) so im gonna see what her opinion is should i get one or not.
772 days ago
wassup.... hellllooooooooooo
772 days ago
I need a bra iam 15 year old my 💗 very big
787 days ago
Anyone who is nervous and doesn’t know how to ask for a bra, here are some tips.
Some people find that asking though a text is easier.
When you go shopping lead your parent or whoever is with you over to the bra section
Ask them once a week
If you are shopping and see a bra tell your parent that you really like it and beg them for it
Say your nipples are hurting and you need one
Say all your friends have one and you feel really left out.
Hope this helps girlies
794 days ago
I don't know that but this told I am ready .
812 days ago
I am turning 10 in a month so I thought I would take this and it said that I need a training/sports bra but I am too scared to ask for a bra so I just have to hope for the best LOL
816 days ago
i had 4-5 months! ur so lucky arabella :-
817 days ago
@arabella ingram its ok! some peopke wish they had that! but i get it its not fun. but look on the upside your clothes especially short tops look WAY BETTER with breasts trust me ! ly
817 days ago
i have my period and i wear A cup! i'm 10 for gods sake!
underwired bras are not recommended for under 15?
i'm wearing an underwired bra!!
828 days ago
95% of preteens and teens wear the wrong bra size.