Are you Ready for your First Bra? What type do you Need? (More Advanced)

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Hey girls, do you think you are ready for a bra? If so, what type? Well, you can find out in this quiz!

  • 1
    Cup your hands over your breast. Then take it off, but keep the shape of your hands. How arched is it?
  • 2
    When you wear a t-shirt, do your nipples poke out?
  • 3
    Does your breasts hurt when you run/jump?

  • 4
    Can you see your breasts jiggle/jump inside your t shirt?
  • 5
    Do your breasts jiggle when you jump?
  • 6
    Do you wear a bra?

  • 7
    Has anyone said that you need a bra?
  • 8
    Do you think you could fit this bra?
    Do you think you could fit this bra?
  • 9
    Do you think you can fit this?
    Do you think you can fit this?
  • 10
    Can you fit this?
    Can you fit this?

  • 11
    Can you fit this?
    Can you fit this?
  • 12
    Do your parents think you need a bra?
  • 13
    Do YOU think you need a bra?
  • 14
    Lastly, this isn’t fully accurate!(answer doesn’t count)?

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22 days ago
I have been getting discharge for about a year it goes from heavy to light I am on stage three and have been for a while I wear a soft cup bra and think I am going to get my period soon I have had spotting four times but am too scared to tell my mom and am going to wait to actually get my period to tell her pls help thanks for reading
44 days ago
I need a A Mmj i NJ nu nu Ubuntu
46 days ago
I already wear a bra and I'm a AA or a 34ish
58 days ago
I'm 9 with a bra size of 34 A 😐
67 days ago
Ayo I'm 10 and Im trying to get my mum to get me a bra I'm size aa but no one believes me😐
69 days ago
hii yall! im 10 and got a training bra recently, (i already needed one when i was around 9-) and im rn about be in tanner stage 3. i’m pretty sure i’m going to get my period soon, i’ve been having loads of discharge for around 2-5 months? can anyone help me?✨😭 im assuming i will soon eventually ask my mum to get me a soft cup, i had a swim suit that was pretty much a soft cup bra when i was 9, it fit perfectly.

im also pretty sure i need panty liners. As i said, i have been getting lots of discharge. i’ve been trying to build up the nerve, but i can’t find the right time. (btw i study all day, winter break just started in china. yes i also speak Mandarin Chinese and i am in the 5th grade ^v^) thx for spending time reading thid, as i put effort on this comment IMAFO
90 days ago
I got the same as you @AI I'm also 11
97 days ago
You need a medium soft cup bra or even an actually cupped bra: an aaa! You have passed the pre-bra stage and need your breasts to be supported, not only for healthy developments but pain relief, too! You definitely need to ask your parents, happy shopping, and best of luck! This is what I got and I definitely think it’s true I’m 11 btw and I don’t know how to tell my mum that I need more that a training bra help me
97 days ago
LilyK maybe talk to you mom in private or give hints that you need one hope this helps :)
99 days ago
All the tests I have taken say I need to start wearing a training bra or a sports bra. I have no idea how I can ask for a training bra though as my bratty younger sister who is 9 will not leave me to talk in peace. It feels so awkwar dat school cause everyobe else is in a cuped bra or a training bra. Can somone please give me some tips on how I can talk about it with my mum??? Relply to the name LilyK
109 days ago
Hey girls, who wants to join a discord server where we can help each other?
112 days ago
I have a journal with my mom that i write in about things that may be too uncomfortable to talk abt out loud, try writing it down and explain why you feel that you need + are ready to wear a bra. Maybe say that you'd like to go shopping for one soon because you don't like how your nipples have been poking through your shirt.
118 days ago
lol I have no idea how to tell my mom. I’m in 7th grade and felt like I needed one since last year. I’m the only girl that doesn’t and with a lot of my shirts my nipples show. I also do gymnastics and when I’m not wearing a leotard my shirt comes up. I sometimes secretly wear a sports bra that I got when I was 8 because of a low-cut shirt. I didn’t really need it then though. It is very tight though, but we change for PE, and I don’t want people to see my 🍦. The topic of getting a bra has came up a couple times over the last three years. Even with my dad mentioning it. I’m at tanner stage 3.
118 days ago
lots of fellow Annas in the comments XD
128 days ago
Yall, how do i check what size i am. How. How do i know.
129 days ago
My mom bought me a padded sports bra but i think its still a lil big for me
140 days ago
i need a medium soft cup bra or even an actually cupped bra: an aaa
142 days ago
Hi Anna my name is Anna too and i got the same result
144 days ago
Yeah, yeah. Said I needed a padded sport bra, or maybe a soft cup bra. I'm almost 13 by the way
147 days ago
lmao i need an aaa ( doing ghis for fun)