Are you Ready for your First Bra? What type do you Need? (More Advanced)

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Hey girls, do you think you are ready for a bra? If so, what type? Well, you can find out in this quiz!

  • 1
    Cup your hands over your breast. Then take it off, but keep the shape of your hands. How arched is it?
  • 2
    When you wear a t-shirt, do your nipples poke out?
  • 3
    Does your breasts hurt when you run/jump?

  • 4
    Can you see your breasts jiggle/jump inside your t shirt?
  • 5
    Do your breasts jiggle when you jump?
  • 6
    Do you wear a bra?

  • 7
    Has anyone said that you need a bra?
  • 8
    Do you think you could fit this bra?
    Do you think you could fit this bra?
  • 9
    Do you think you can fit this?
    Do you think you can fit this?
  • 10
    Can you fit this?
    Can you fit this?

  • 11
    Can you fit this?
    Can you fit this?
  • 12
    Do your parents think you need a bra?
  • 13
    Do YOU think you need a bra?
  • 14
    Lastly, this isn’t fully accurate!(answer doesn’t count)?

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279 days ago
@mabelle I feel ya girl
280 days ago
it was like u MiGhT nEeD a TrIpLe A bruh I’m a b and I wear a bra-
306 days ago
plz help meeeee i dont know what to dooo
306 days ago
dude i had a sleepover with my friend who barley has buds im like stage 3-4 i had to borrow her bra a b cup and it fit perfectly my mom doesnt like padded bras and i need more support i kinda want to get measured what do i do
306 days ago
this said I’m a aaa bruh I’m legit a b and wear sports bras bc the cup ones itch my skin and that’s the reason I don’t wear them but I think I need them for support so can anyone tell me what to do ;-;
344 days ago
Hi! I’m 10 and I’m at the 5th tanner stage of breasts. I wear a training bra, but my friend (with no breasts) wears a better bra than I do and I feel embarrassed. I don’t think my mom would get me one if I asked, but the ones I have are kind of tight. What fo I do?! My 🍒 are big for a 10 year old, and I don’t want to be made fun of in the changing rooms when I enter middle school. :( Any suggestions??
354 days ago
3rd grade????
bro wtxf
364 days ago
i'm in 3rd grade and I need a padded/cupped bra *dies in shame*
365 days ago
@Anonymous, I know it’s pretty late so I don’t know if you’ll see this but.. don’t worry , you should just go for it!! It will only be as awkward as you make it. The best way to ask your mother would be to just straight up say it to her, but, if you’re not so comfortable you could maybe leave her a note somewhere where nobody else will check it but where she definitely will like in her purse.. or you could just send her a text/email if you have something you can do that with. Good luck!!! ^^
368 days ago
it says i need a medium soft cup bra or even actually cupped bra
376 days ago
it says i need a padded sports bra or even a small cup bra
378 days ago
Em! You need a bra, I’m telling you, just ask you mom. Even if your mom doesn’t have a bra just tell her they aren’t bad and just ask her bestie! Best of luck hon.
378 days ago
You need a medium soft cup bra or even an actually cupped bra: an aaa! You have passed the pre-bra stage and need your breasts to be supported, not only for healthy developments but pain relief, too! You definitely need to ask your parents, happy shopping, and best of luck!
Uhmmm I got this but I’m toooo scared to ask me mum!
Someone please help me SOS SOS SOS
380 days ago
I got a d cup, I a literal b
380 days ago
i have a huge game day tommorrow and i neeeeed helpp
383 days ago
can someone pls help me i have been checking this chat everyone day and night
389 days ago
hey guys
so I am 11 and my 🍒 are pretty big. they are like bigger than my hands. I am in 5th grade and no one wears bra and i have big you know whats so its really weird, you can see my ni ples from my t shirt and its really embarrassing since in the summer its really hot and one time i wore a tank top and we had gym and we were playing kickball and my 🍒 were jiggling the whole time and i was so embarrassed and everyone was staring at me. Another time someone accidentally spilt water on my white shirt at lunch and it made my WHOLE SHIRT SEE THROUGH. i didnt have another shirt so EVERYONE saw my stuff. I had to go the whole day with people staring at me. My mum said that i dont need a bra and she doesnt wear them either since she says it bad or something.
392 days ago
@CareBear I think your in the middle of puberty and will get periods soon if it helps
419 days ago
To everyone saying there too scared to ask their parents for a bra:

Hi hon, get over yourself. Absolutely not a big deal literally half the population has 😘 it’s a NORMAL THING. Everyone gets emberessed about asking for their first bra but dude just do it and get it over with if you think you need one. If all else goes wrong ask your parents if you can get your own Amazon account or use theirs to buy stuff.
444 days ago
If you want a bigger look, then you should try heavily padded bras. They're amazing and can make them look bigger by half a cup to 2 cups! I wore one when I was 10 and desperately wanted bøøbs because I'm weird. I actually wear a regular bra now and I'm a B with very light padding.