Are you Ready for your First Bra? What type do you Need? (More Advanced)

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Hey girls, do you think you are ready for a bra? If so, what type? Well, you can find out in this quiz!

  • 1
    Cup your hands over your breast. Then take it off, but keep the shape of your hands. How arched is it?
  • 2
    When you wear a t-shirt, do your nipples poke out?
  • 3
    Does your breasts hurt when you run/jump?

  • 4
    Can you see your breasts jiggle/jump inside your t shirt?
  • 5
    Do your breasts jiggle when you jump?
  • 6
    Do you wear a bra?

  • 7
    Has anyone said that you need a bra?
  • 8
    Do you think you could fit this bra?
    Do you think you could fit this bra?
  • 9
    Do you think you can fit this?
    Do you think you can fit this?
  • 10
    Can you fit this?
    Can you fit this?

  • 11
    Can you fit this?
    Can you fit this?
  • 12
    Do your parents think you need a bra?
  • 13
    Do YOU think you need a bra?
  • 14
    Lastly, this isn’t fully accurate!(answer doesn’t count)?

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441 days ago
This girl literally said I need AAA. Ok I'm legit a B. So inaccurate.
442 days ago
R u talking about period. If you are I say less then a year maybe 6 to 18 months
445 days ago
Oop I need a soft cup k-
445 days ago
Could I get an estimate?
😍stage: 3
Pubes: visible, straight, little brown hair
Underarm hair: straight, blonde hair
Discharge: rarely get it. It’s translucent and liquidy
Spotting: not yet
Weight: about 89.4 ibs
Height: 152cm, 60 inches
Cramps: OWOWOWOWWOW, everyday for about 20~30 mins
Headaches: EVERY DAYYY
Dizziness: YES
Bra: sports!
452 days ago
I don’t want to accept I’m going to need anything more then a soft cup bra because I once told everyone I needed a AA when I literally just budded and I’m still mortified that I stupidly did that. What should I do?
455 days ago
Hey Ananomys I’m 11 too I do not have a training bra or a padded bra either I also really want a bra but I do not no how to ask for one. However here are some tips for you to decide how to ask.

Decide whether you ask face to face, written note or text.

Decide whether you tell her the reasons you want or just say you want one.

Decide whether you say it alone or in company (if you decide to say it in person that is).

See if there’s a due point when you’re allowed to get something like a bra. (When I turn 12 my mum said I’m allowed to get two piece togs). When I get those it may be a good time to ask.

If you have an older sister you can always ask her for help.

My mums knows I’ve started puberty but she doesn’t know I’ve started developing 👀.

Anyway I know you will be able to ask when your ready.

Just remember don’t get one just because your friends have them get one because you need one.

Good luck 😉
Sky girl
457 days ago
im only a a 34 a cup at 11 but i got my first period two months ago
457 days ago
I wear a 36 b so were rlly close im 12
457 days ago
people are getting they bras now i got mine when i was seven cause my big sister was getting some too right now im a 34 b...................
457 days ago
457 days ago
okay I see it I took it I need a bra most deff
457 days ago
457 days ago
Look for the quiz made by snel
457 days ago
I'm eleven..and I feel really awkward and wish I had a training bra/ padded bra...but I am really scared to ask my mom. I haven't even told her i think I hit puberty! Please help! I don't know what to do!
462 days ago
@Help:( I'm twelve and I got my first bra a few months ago, it's not that bad, just ask to go shopping for one.
466 days ago
Hi, uhm I’m eleven… and it says I need a soft cup bra….. idk, my ❤️ Is pretty big, but I cover it with my long hair so no one knows, not even my parents. What should I do?
472 days ago
I think it's pretty accurate it says I need a padded training bra and I think it's right